Celtics vs Heat predictions: Can the C’s beat the Heat?

Celtics vs Heat predictions: Can the C’s beat the Heat?

The Boston Celtics have a bright future and they are predicted by many to compete for the NBA championship. So far this year they have not looked like a championship team on the court. In tonight’s meeting they face a team in the Miami Heat that looks focused and ready to go.  When making Celtics vs Heat predictions it is important to look at all of the angles. The Lakers already clinched the 1 seed, but these teams have work to do. 

Celtics consistency

The Celtics lost the first game to the Bucks. In the second game, they looked much better. However, they lacked defensive intensity down the stretch which is unusual for a Brad Stevens coached team. If you are looking for a bright spot, you have one with the way that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown performed.

Heating Up

The Miami Heat may have a small sample size to look at, but they looked incredible in the season opener against the Denver Nuggets. Although they fell short against the Raptors in the second game, they still made a great effort. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo each scored 22 and looked focused as they ran away from a short-handed Nuggets team. The Heat currently holds the 4th spot in the standings and a win against the Celtics would fuel this team for the stretch run. The main strength for this team is shooting from behind the arc, where they rank near the top in the NBA. Make no mistake about it, this is an important game. 

Celtics vs Heat predictions

The Celtics have yet to play a complete game. In the first game the offense struggled and in the second game, the defense struggled. It is clear that they are using this stretch of games to prepare for the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Heat are focused and Jimmy Butler is ready to bring this team deep into the post season. 71% of the public is betting on the Celtics and that means the obvious best bet in this game is the Miami Heat who will win.

Bet on the Heat +3

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