Deshaun Watson Odds

Deshaun Watson Odds: What team will trade for Watson?

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is unhappy. This is not a new revelation as Watson has vocalized his frustration via social media for weeks.  The Texans are under fire for the way that they have handled player personnel and for some of the suspect trades that have happened recently.  It is reminiscent of the Antonio Brown situation. The Deshaun Watson odds are out, but the team that will actually sign him is not the favorite. Now with the season getting closer, Watson will be on the move.

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Update July 26: the Texans are ready to Deal

Finally, the Texans have opened up communication to other teams in a potential deal for Deshaun Watson.

The latest NFL betting odds show the favorite to get Watson in a potential deal, right here. 

Update: July 25: Watson Reports to Camp

Deshaun Watson is at camp and for a moment the Houston Texans are happy, but it is not going to last. Watson wants the money but does not want to play in Houston.

This story is far from over. In the past, it looked as though Watson would settle to make his legal problems disappear, but now that seems highly unlikely. But that has not stopped sportsbooks from offering odds on where Watson will play this season. There has been a handful of teams that have been in the running, but the odds say there is one team that is leading the pack.

Update: June 15th: Watson With the Eagles?

Deshaun Watson is working out like he is going to play this season. However, he does not want to play with the Texans and he has legal issues that have to be resolved. That does not stop the rumor mill from chugging along. Less than a month ago, the Broncos were the preferred destination, but now Philly is getting the attention.

The Eagles do make sense for Watson and his legal issues will fork in their favor. They get to see what Jalen Hurts can do if there is a lengthy delay and that will lower the price for Watson. This is all speculation at this point, and the odds suggest that there is a better chance he plays with another team. 

Update: June 15th: Texans Timetable for Deshaun Watson?

The rocky relationship between the Houston Texans and QB Deshaun Watson may be coming to end. It may be soon. General manager Nick Caserio, in an interview, suggested that the team is close to making a decision on Watson and his future with the team. This is expected to come as soon as Watson settles his current legal troubles, which reportedly has been in the works for some time now.

The latest NFL betting odds show the favorite to get Watson in a potential deal, right here. The list includes teams like the Broncos, Dolphins and the Eagles.

Update: June 9th: Watson to the Broncos Gaining Momentum

Move over Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson is back in the news and he is taking over headlines. After a month of silence, Watson is back in the news and he is being connected to a potential trade with the Denver Broncos. The latest NFL betting odds show the favorite to get Watson in a deal, right here. This is different from a month ago when the Dolphins and the Jets led the way.

Watson still has some legal issues that he has to deal with, but it is very clear that he wants out of Houston.

However, if Watson can wrap up his legal issues and deal with the penalties imposed by the league, a trade will happen.

Update Feb 27, 2021

The Texans are getting closer and closer to dealing with Watson, but first, they (for some reason) want to talk badly about Deshaun. Why they want to do that is unclear, but it’s happening.

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It’s no surprise that many will come to Watson’s defense. This is also a clear indication that the trade is perhaps now a possibility. The odds are changing as more teams are taking a chance on going after Watson.

BET Houston Texans     2.25
BET Miami Dolphins     3.50
BET New York Jets     3.50
BET Chicago Bears     26.00
BET San Francisco 49ers     6.00
BET New England Patriots     21.00
BET Indianapolis Colts     15.00
BET Denver Broncos     9.00
BET Carolina Panthers     4.00

There is one thing that is very clear. The market for Watson is alive and well.

Update Feb 25, 2021

Despite the Russell Wilson rumors and the odds that show he may get traded, Deshaun Watson still wants to get traded.

Update Feb 24, 2021

Rumors and news swirl around the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson every day, but it gets interesting when the odds on his next team change. The Jets and the Dolphins have always been in the mix. The Panthers are on the radar, but according to the latest odds, there is another team to watch out for.

The team that is turning heads is the San Francisco 49ers. The odds have changed dramatically and now they are considered frontrunners to get Watson. I am not buying it because they will have to include another team or give up the farm, but the odds suggest it can and will happen. Where there is smoke….there is fire…..

Bet Houston Texans     2.25
Bet Miami Dolphins     3.50
Bet New York Jets     3.50
Bet Chicago Bears     26.00
Bet San Francisco 49ers     6.00

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Update Feb 20, 2021

The Carolina Panthers are now the hot team being mentioned in the latest Deshan Wason rumors. And why not? They have dumped a ton of salary and the latest rumors (see below) suggest that they are going to push to bring Watson to Carolina. The NFL betting odds agree as the Panthers are now among the favorites to trade for Watson. It’s not all about cap space, but the Panthers are interested.

Update Feb 16, 2021

The odds on Deshaun Watson’s next team keep changing. The Jets and the Texans were once front runners, but the Dolphins are moving up after the latest news, but there is another team to keep an eye on. 

All of the talk surrounding Deshaun Watson is a social media post that showed the superstar QB in Miami with Dolphins players.

But there is a bigger story. That story is the Carolina Panthers. I have said over and over again that they are incredibly aggressive in the hunt for a QB, but get ready. Things are about to get wild.

If the Panthers are willing to give up that much to get Watson, the Texans may budge. The odds here and here are worth watching in the next few days.

Now the reports are suggesting the story is not real….

Update Feb 14, 2021

Other QB’s are being discussed like Cam Newton, but there is one that stands above the rest. The Deshaun Watson rumors and mock blockbuster deals are only getting bigger and bolder after the Texans released JJ Watt. The Watson odds on what team he will play on next season have adjusted and the Jets are getting closer and closer to landing Watson, but don’t count out this team. 

The 49ers (7-to-1 to sign Watson) will be very interested in acquiring Watson, but at the same time, they do not want to upset the current situation. So they have to put out statements like this one.

Some are even suggesting that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson may be included in a blockbuster deal.

This trade is a pipe-dream that is not going to happen, but the speculation is what makes this time of the year fun. That and the fans begging their teams to trade for big-name players.

Update Feb 13, 2021

JJ Watt and the Texans have parted ways, so the next question is obvious. What about Deshaun Watson? The Texans are telling everyone that they want to keep him. But Watson wants no part of this organization. The latest odds suggest that the Texans are the favorites to keep Watson, but that is changing by the second.

BET Houston Texans     Ev
BET Miami Dolphins     +300
BET New York Jets     +200
BET San Francisco 49ers     +750
BET Denver Broncos     +700
BET Carolina Panthers     +500

Watson has a no-trade clause, but it is clear he is flexible. It is easy to suggest that he will basically play anywhere that is not Houston right now.

The Panthers are aggressively going after Watson and he may announce that he is “intrigued” by Carolina if it gets him out of Houston.

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Update Feb 9, 2021

Carson Wentz has dominated the headlines, but Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback on the market. Sort of. The Houston Texans say that they do not want to trade him, but teams keep calling because they realize that Watson will never play there again. Up until now, the New York Jets and the Miami  Dolphins have been labeled the favorites to pull off the deal, but there is one team that is making some noise.

Carolina Panthers BET NOW +500


Carolina Panthers   Bet here +450

Update Feb 3, 2021

The Deshaun Watson rumors are dying down, but only because the focus is on the Super Bowl. The Rams made a trade and that sent the QB market into a frenzy. The Colts are all but out and the 49ers need a QB but the rumors are all about Kirk Cousins. The Dolphins and the Jets are still the favorites to get Watson.

If you think Deshaun is headed to the Big Apple you can benefit from betting on the early Jets win total that is posted right now.

Bet >>> Over  4½  Reg Season Wins +120
Bet >>> Under  4½  Reg Season Wins -160

Update Jan 31, 2021

Are the Patriots a possibility?

The Rams made a trade and acquired Matthew Stafford and now all eyes turn to Deshaun Watson. That trade made things easier for Houston as they can now up the price for Watson. ESPN proposed a trade package for the Patriots before the deal.

But if the Patriots want Watson they will have to do better than that. The Colts, 49ers, Saints, and Washington are looking for an upgrade (among the many teams) so if the Pats want Watson they have to open the vault. The major hurdle is that the Pats have the 15th overall pick which would not compare to what the Jets and the Dolphins have to offer. Many experts believe that it is highly unlikely, but the Patriots know how to make things happen. Not to mention that the odds on where Watson will play next still have the Patriots at the top of the list.

Bet Here New England Patriots     +700

The Belichick vs Brady debate is real. Don’t you think Bill would love to make a splash by signing Watson when the spotlight is on Brady? That’s something to think about.

The Patriots have a good relationship with the Texans brass and even if they ship Watson to San Francisco, the Patriots may be part of the deal to get Jimmy Garoppolo back to New England. The Patriots want more than that and they have plenty of young talent on defense that they can ship to the Texans, but Watson still has that no-trade clause. The Jets and the Dolphins both play in the AFC East so the Patriots, by default, have to get into the mix.

I am not willing to suggest a bet on the Patriots just yet, but at this price, it’s hard to ignore New ENgland.

Update Jan 29, 2021

Leaving Houston behind

The Houston Texans are saying in the media that they have no interest in trading Deshaun Watson, unfortunately, Watson disagrees. Watson removed the Texans from all of his social media profiles.

With JJ Watt now possible departing it is almost assured that Watson will never play another down with the Texans again.

The New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins have jockeyed backend forth as favorites according to the NFL odds posted by reputable sportsbooks. 

Bet Here Miami Dolphins     +300
Bet Here New York Jets     +175
Bet Here Carolina Panthers +750
Bet Here San Francisco 49ers     +750
Bet Here New England Patriots     +700

If the Jets do sign Watson they will instantly become a playoff threat in the NFL. Yet, there are still many teams in the mix for the best quarterback on the market.

Update Jan 28, 2021

It’s official Deshaun Watson has requested a trade from the Houston Texans.

Up until now, the New York Jets have been the favorite landing spot, but there is a team that is going all-in for Watson and that is the Miami Dolphins. The latest sports betting odds for Watson’s landing spot are updated and the Dolphins odds are locked, which is a strong indication he is going to Miami.


BET HERE Odds Miami Dolphins locked.png
Odds New York Jets +200
Odds New Orleans Saints +800
Odds San Francisco 49ers +800
Odds Carolina Panthers +900

Update Jan 26, 2021

The Watson Watch continues. The speculation continues to grow on social media and fans all over the league are hoping that Watson somehow gets traded to their team.

However, it seems as though it is a two-team race and the reports keep coming in that Watson only wants to play with two teams next season.

If you follow the money, it is clear that the New York Jets are still considered the team to trade for Watson in the off-season. The Jets have steadily dropped on the NFL props betting board. The Jets opened at +1000, went down to +375 and the latest odds show that they have dropped again. If you are going to bet on the Jets to trade for Watson you may want to do it now.

Bet Now Houston Texans     +170
Bet Now Miami Dolphins     +350
Bet Now New York Jets     +200

Update Jan 25, 2021

It’s official, the Deshaun Watson odds are clearly reflecting that the New York Jets are the front runners to land the young superstar.

[BETNOW] New York Jets  +375
[BETNOW] Miami Dolphins +400
[BETNOW] Carolina Panthers +750
[BETNOW] Indianapolis Colts +800
[BETNOW] New Orleans Saints +800
[BETNOW] San Francisco 49ers +800
[BETNOW] Atlanta Falcons +900
[BETNOW] Denver Broncos +900
[BETNOW] New England Patriots +900

Update Jan 24, 2021

The Texans are going to hire a new coach. If you think that will persuade Watson to stay in Houston, think again. The odds of Watson staying in Hoston are dropping dramatically. 

The New York media is embracing the Watson rumors. Can you blame them? The Jets have not been relevant for a decade. The latest sports betting odds show that they have a reason to get excited.

Update Jan 23, 2021

Earlier today we reported that the Jets are now the frontrunners to get Deshaun Watson and that has been amplified as everyone is reporting that Watson may go to New York. Here are the latest odds for Watson and where he will play next season.

Update Jan 23, 2021

In the past several teams have been listed as the favorite to trade for Deshaun Watson. This includes the Dolphins, Panthers, and at one time, of course, Houston. Now there is one team that is emerging as the favorite landing spot and it is the New York Jets. More and more evidence is arising on a daily basis. Here are the latest odds for Watson and where he will play next season.

Update Jan 22, 2021

The Texans are going to part ways with Deshaun Watson. This team is in rebuild mode and if you want proof ….here it is.


Update Jan 21, 2021

Don’t look now, but the Deshaun Watson to the New York Jets is gaining momentum. It’s the NFL and anything can happen, but certain tweets are ones that you will want to see. The odds are starting to cook and they tell an interesting story that you have to read.

This is a unique situation because Watson has a no-trade clause, so he can dictate where he may go. He is getting some very public advice from other veteran players in the NFL that will follow him if Houston decides to trade him to New York.

It is still uncertain if the Texans will trade Watson, or where he will go, but if I was going to bet on it right now. I would bet on the Jets. 

Update Jan 20, 2021

How fluid is the situation surrounding Deshaun Watson? The news is pouring in and the odds are changing rapidly. After the Falcons, Jets, and the Panthers, all held the top spot as the favorite, one team has returned. The Miami Dolphins are now the favorites (again) to trade for Watson and it’s not even close. So the real question is…..

Update Jan 19, 2021

Just yesterday we posted how the Carolina Panthers are now considered a serious contender to trade for Deshaun Watson if the Texans choose to do so. The talks must be getting serious because according to the latest odds that can be found here, the Panthers are now co-favorites to get Watson. To make things even more interesting the Atlanta Falcons are just behind Miami and Carolina on the board. The Falcons are tied with the Jets at +700 odds to trade for Watson.

The updated odds can be found here.

Update Jan 18, 2021

Yesterday news broke about Watson’s unhappiness and the odds were released. Today Houston reports they do not want to trade him, but teams are calling. A new team is emerging as a suitor for Watson. That team is the Carolina Panthers.

The updated odds can be found here.

Deshaun Watson Odds

There are multiple sportsbooks posting odds for Watson’s landing spot. The odds below are from a combination of BetOnline, MyBookie and, BetUS. Get the latest odds HERE.

Odds On Where Deshaun Watson Will Play In 2021
Team Odds
Houston Texans -160
Miami Dolphins +300
New England Patriots +1000
New York Jets +1000
San Francisco 49ers +1000
Indianapolis Colts +1200
Chicago Bears +1200
Washington Football Team +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +2500
Detroit Lions +3300

Houston Texans -160 [BET NOW]

The Texans are in damage control mode and there is no doubt that they want to keep Watson on the team. They have essentially no draft capital and trading Watson will equate to a rebuild. They are still trying to recover from a public relations standpoint after parting ways with D’Andre Hopkins. But if you are a Texans fan, a trade may be the best scenario at this point.


Stories like this get leaked for a reason. Watson wants out and he is forcing the Texans to trade him.

Miami Dolphins +300 [BET NOW]

The Dolphins recently acquired a new young quarterback to lead this franchise, but it will be hard for this team to pass on Watson if the price is right. If you are going to bet on the Dolphins to trade for Watson you may want to make that bet now. Everything you read suggests that Watson wants to play in Miami and the Dolphins have the assets.

It looks good on paper, but will the Dolphins want to give up what they have acquired? If the Dolphins believe in Tua Tagovailoa they will be fools to give up all of the picks they have this season. Perhaps more importantly, will the Texans do it? This is a team that is making horrible moves but will they be willing to trade their franchise quarterback for their own pick? The Dolphins will have to give Houston everything to make this deal and the Dolphins may not be ready to make this move.

New York Jets +1000 [BET NOW]

The Jets are the team that needs to make this move. They have a new coach and they can give the Texans Sam Darnold in return. This deal makes more sense. The Texans will not be rebuilding by getting a QB in return and they can get a top pick in the NFL draft. The Jets are also trying to remove the stink of a failing franchise and a trade of this magnitude will give the Jets positive headlines for the first time in a long time. Watson will not be traded soon, but the Jets are the best landing spot right now.



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