Kevin Durant requests a trade from the Nets: Where’s he going?

Kevin Durant requests a trade from the Nets: Where’s he going?


Hours before the start of NBA free agency the biggest bombshell is delivered from a player that is not a free agent. Kevin Durant is requesting a trade. Durant is arguably the best player on the planet and if the reports are true, he wants out of Brooklyn.Durant has four years left on his deal, which means every team in the league will take a swing at this big superstar. 

The source

Like everything that happens on the eve of the free agency period, you can’t always believe the information. But in this case, the source is reliable. 

But in the high stakes of the NBA world, any report may have been forced out by a player or an agent. This news is particularly interesting since Kyrie Irving recently signed to stay on the team. It is easy to connect Durant with that news and even easier to connect Durant with a number of teams that will be interested in his services. 

KD and Kyrie?

Rumors are flying about where Durant and Kyrie will play next season. Some rumors speculate that they will team up and join another franchise as a package deal. This will not happen. Carry on.

Where does he play?

Everyone wants Kevin Durant on their team. Although every team is interested, there are not many teams that have the assets to get it done. If Brooklyn is going to part ways with Durant they are going to ask for a bundle. Here are the teams that will be rumored to land the superstar. 

Don’t even think about the Lakers. They just don’t have the assets to get it done.

Kevin Durant Trade Request and the Contenders 

It did not take long for NBA fans to Photoshop Durant into their favorite jersey. The leading sportsbooks quickly posted odds on where Durant will play next season, and here is the list of the top contenders.

Golden State Warriors

This may be the most popular landing spot on the rumor mill, but Durant has no reason to return to Golden State. The Warriors will not give up big assets to get Durant and have many reasons to believe they can without him. Anything is possible, but this will not happen. 

Boston Celtics

This does not make much sense because Boston will have to blow up the team and lose the core pieces to acquire Durant. Depending on the asking price (which will be steep), the Celtics may actually take a step back by getting Durant. 

Philadelphia 76ers

This is an interesting landing spot. The Sixers have assets and room to move since James Harden did not sign his option. Philly will have to give up key pieces, but they can make this fit.  However, the Nets are unlikely to send Durant to Philly unless they give up the world. 

Best Bet

Phoenix Suns 

Durant has given the Nets a list of preferred teams and the Phoenix Suns are on that list. This makes sense. They have the assets and can add Deandre Ayton in the deal. Durant joins a contender and can go up against LeBron and the Lakers and Steph and the Warriors on a regular basis. This is a win/win for Durant and the Nets and is the best landing spot if they trade Durant.

Miami Heat

Pat Riley and the Heat have a way of luring superstars to South Beach. Although they will have to part ways with some serious talent, this is a move that makes sense. Durant will make the Heat the favorites to win it all and Durant will have plenty of support. If any team can pull off this trade it’s the Miami Heat. 

The NBA free agency period is always fast and furious and this year will be no exception. With Durant in the mix, this will be the best one ever.

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