Breaking down the NFL playoff bracket 2021

Breaking down the NFL playoff bracket 2021

The last week of the NFL regular season was a wild one. There were upsets, blowouts, and teams narrowly missing and making the playoffs. If you were waiting for the NFL playoff bracket 2021, you had to wait for the completion of the Sunday night football game between Washington and Philadelphia. With Washington winning the game, the NFL Playoffs odds and schedule are ready to go! Before we look at teh schedule and our best bets, let’s look at betting bonuses for the NFL playoffs.

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Now that you have your bonuses and you are ready to bet, let’s break down the brackets.

Who’s In?

AFC Playoff Picture

In the AFC it is the usual suspects with a few exceptions. The New England Patriots missed out for the first time in forever and the Buffalo Bills crashed the AFC playoff picture.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (bye)

2. Buffalo Bills vs. 7. Indianapolis Colts

3. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 6. Cleveland Browns

4. Tennessee Titans vs. 5. Baltimore Ravens

The Chiefs will get the bye week with the No. 1 seed and will have home-field advantage throughout. The Dolphins were demolished in Buffalo and became the odd team out in the AFC.

NFC Playoff Picture

In the NFC it came down to the final game of the night as the NFC East was the last division to crown a winner. The Bears backed into the playoffs off a loss and Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured the No. 5 seed.

1. Green Bay Packers (bye)

2. New Orleans Saints vs. 7. Chicago Bears

3. Seattle Seahawks vs. 6. Los Angeles Rams

4. Washington Football Team vs. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Packers will get the bye week with the No. 1 seed and will have home-field advantage throughout. Unfortunately, the Arizona Cardinals did not make the postseason and became the last team out in the NFC.

Printable NFL playoff 2021: If you are looking for a printable bracket, there are a few available. This one looks the best. 

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