NFL Week 13 Odds

NFL Week 13 Odds: Sharps vs Squares Betting Action Report

The NFL is nearing the end of the season and there are only a few more chances to place a winning bet. The sharp and savvy sports bettors will be watching the lines early to take advantage of any value on the betting board. But with COVID-19 teams can lose players or have games postponed at any moment. In our Sharps vs Squares betting action report, we post more than consensus numbers. We examine the NFL week 13 odds and discuss who is betting on what early in the week and why.

NFL Week 13 odds and sports betting bonuses

Below is the schedule of games to be played this week.

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Matchup Time Spread Over/Under
Cowboys at Ravens 5 p.m. ET Monday OFF [BONUS] OFF
Lions at Bears 1 p.m ET Sunday Bears -3.5 [BONUS] 45
Bengals at Dolphins 1 p.m. ET Sunday Dolphins -11.5 [BONUS] 43
Colts at Texans 1 p.m. ET Sunday Texans +2.5 [BONUS] 55
Jaguars at Vikings 1 p.m. ET Sunday Vikings -9.5 [BONUS] 51
Washington at Steelers 1 p.m. ET Sunday Steelers -10 [BONUS] TBA
Raiders at Jets 1 p.m. ET Sunday Jets +7.5 [[BONUS] 46.5
Saints at Falcons 1 p.m. ET Sunday Falcons +3 [BONUS] 47.5
Browns at Titans 1 p.m. ET Sunday Titans -4 [BONUS] 53
Giants at Seahawks 4:05 p.m. ET Sunday Seahawks -9 [BONUS] 48.5
Rams at Cardinals 4:05 p.m. ET Sunday Cardinals +2.5 [BONUS] 49
Eagles at Packers 4:25 p.m. ET Sunday Packers -7 [BONUS] 49
Patriots at Chargers 4:25 p.m. ET Sunday Chargers -1 [BONUS] 48.5
Broncos at Chiefs 8:20 p.m. ET Sunday Chiefs -13.5 [BONUS] 49
Bills at 49ers 8:15 p.m. ET Monday 49ers +3 [BONUS] 47.5

Teams on bye: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers

Odds courtesy of  BetUS

Who is the public betting on?

The public usually does not win when they bet on football. However, they did have a good win over the holidays. On Thanksgiving, they cashed in by betting on the Texans to beat the lowly Lions. However, if you bet against the public plays we feature in this report you would have a 6-3 against the spread record over the last three weeks. The public is betting early in Week 13 and here is who they are betting on.

Matt Patricia is no longer the head coach in Detroit but that is not stopping the public from betting on the Lions this week. The Bears flopped on Sunday night football and that is the last impression in the public’s mind. So they have no problem betting on Detroit +3 at Chicago.

The Kansas City Chiefs are a public darling. They love to bet on this team every week. They are favorite once again as the Broncos come limping into Kansas City.

Here are the teams the public is betting on this week: Lions, Chiefs, and the Packers. [BET NOW]

Who are the sharps betting on?

The sharps are the smart NFL bettors looking for an edge by betting early in the week. If you followed our plays in this report your record would be 12-5 ATS for a hefty profit. The sharps did not shy away from the games this week and here is who they are betting on.

The sharps are making an early play on the New England Patriots. Cam Newton did not play well, but the win over Arizona is impressive enough. The public is not buying in on the Pats on a west coast trip. Over 65% of the bets in this game are on the Chargers. Although the Bolts are getting the public bets the big money is on the Patriots driving the line from LA -2 to a pick ‘em at most shops.

They also believe that the Falcons will get quick revenge against the Saints in the quick-turnaround rematch. The Saints opened at 3.5 and has been bet down to 3, although 58% of the bets are on New Orleans.

Here are the teams the sharps are betting on this week: Patriots, Falcons, and the Jets. [BET NOW]

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