Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LV

Why the Kansas City Chiefs Will Win Super Bowl LV

The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVI and it won’t even be close. Many people are betting on the Buccaneers. Tom Brady is the best quarterback to ever play the game and the Buccaneers have had an incredible season, but betting on this team is a huge mistake. The Chiefs dominate in every area of the game to include the quarterback. So if you bet on the Buccaneers or if you are good friends with Mattress Mack, look away, this is about to get ugly.

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Coaching Matters

For the last two weeks, all of the talk was about how Tom Brady is better than Bill Belichick. That’s hogwash. They worked well with one another and Belichick was needed in big games like the Super Bowl. Andy Reid is easily the best head coach in this game and that alone is worth at least 3 points in the biggest game of the year.

The Bets You Need to Make

If you believe the Chiefs will win big, then you need to look for alternate lines. The ones I found that I liked are the Chiefs -7.5 +150 and the Chiefs -10.5 +200. But there is a long list of props to choose from in this game.

Why the Chiefs Win and Cover

The Buccaneers beat the Packers and the Saints and won every game on the road to get to the playoffs. That’s impressive, but let’s faces it, the home-field advantage does not matter. The Buccaneers have many problems throughout the playoffs and if not for turnovers by the Saints and bad coaching by the Packers, they may not even be here.

Your sportsbook is lying to you

The public is betting on the Chiefs. That’s what you read everywhere you look, but is that true? Then why is the betting spread moving from Chiefs -3.5 to Chiefs -3? It is because everyone is betting on Tampa Bay. The sportsbooks are begging for Chiefs’ money and they know you want to fade the public.

And then there is this….

If you want to know more about that bet, then you have to see this…

Why the Chiefs Crush the Buccaneers

They have the better coach and they have the better team. The home-field advantage is all but zero with COVI-19 and the Chiefs feel very comfortable playing in this stadium. In the six playoff games that Patrick Mahomes has played in the Chiefs have averaged 36 points. So on average, this team will put up 36 or more points. This is bad news for a Buccaneers defense that is beatable on every level.

Brady is a notoriously slow starter in the big game with just three total points in the first quarter of his nine Super Bowl appearances. This is tough to do against a Chiefs offense that can pile up the points. Although taking the Buccaneers and the points may be tempting, keep in mind that the favorites are 29-23-2 ATS in the biggest game of the year. In close games, the points are always attractive, but the winner of the game is 46-6-2 ATS which means it’s really just a matter of picking the team that will win the game. That team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are used to being favorites and normally they are double-digit favorites. hen they are not, the Chiefs rush the books. Mahomes is 27-13-1 ATS when the Chiefs are not double-digit favorites. If the Chiefs win there is a great chance that they will cover since the winning team is 46-6-2 in the Super Bowl.

Final predictions: Chiefs 38 Buccaneers 20 [BET ON THE SUPER BOWL]

Before the game, all of the conversations were about the greatness of Tom Brady. After the game, the discussion will be all about Patrick Mahomes and the Chief’s dynasty.