Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

The Cleveland Browns made it very clear that they are parting ways with quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Browns pursued and signed DeShaun Watson sending Baker a clear message. Baker responded by saying he felt disrespected and it is clear that his time in Cleveland is over. Over the weekend, reports began to surface that the Browns are shipping Baker Mayfield to the Panthers, but that will be a big problem in Carolina. Now with rumors about other teams, like the Steelers, it is time to look at why Pittsburgh will pass and Carolina should too.

How about the Steelers?

The Steelers are a very good option for Baker, but it is clear that Pittsburgh will only take Baker on the waiver wire and does not want to pay for him. This is the time of year when rumors circulate to increase the value of a player. Although it is interesting to see a rival QB facing his former team, it will not happen. The Browns won’t pay a rival to take a QB that may haunt them for years to come. The Steelers don’t want anything to do with Baker.

They are not alone, the Panthers have plenty of reasons why they should pass on Baker.

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The Robby Anderson problem

When reports suggested that Baker may land in Carolina, there was one player that had a very big problem with it. Wide receiver Robby Anderson had no issues sharing with the world his thoughts on the potential acquisition. Anderson has strong ties with quarterback Sam Darnold, so it is not a shock that he is not a fan of this move. But it will provide turmoil on the team and make things tough for Baker.

They already have a QB

Whether you like him or hate him, Sam Darnold is the quarterback for the Panthers. It is clear that he has issues and that may be one of the reasons that they are looking at Baker. However, a quarterback competition between two players with fragile egos will not end well. The Panthers will need help from the Browns to cover the salary and then be stuck with Darnold and his contract.

And then there is this…

The Panther’s offensive line is one of the worst in the game today. Up to this point, the Matt Rhule hiring has been a failure. The odds for this team to do anything show that they have no chance. In fact, the odds are worse with Baker.  This is a clear reach for a team and a coach that is panicking. This is a team that is 15-34 over the last three years and they need to rebuild. That starts in the draft and not by making a trade for another questionable player. The Panthers need to draft a quarterback because trading for Baker Mayfield is a big mistake.