The best 2020 football contest

The best 2020 football contest

The popularity of the National Football league is incredible. I am sure you are looking at the odds and already making your NFL Week 1 picks, but there is more to this season. This is because it is a great sport to watch and wager on, but football also offers up something different. The NFL has fantasy football and contests where the players can literally make millions just for understating the game. This is why we sought out to find the best 2020 football contest for this season.

It wasn’t hard. The best football contest is the My Bookie $300,000 guaranteed supercontest. Why? I am glad you asked.

Enter the $300,00 guaranteed supercontest and pick your way to the top of the leaderboard for the big cash prize!

MB SC300K 320x50 Jpg

Keep it simple

The best football contest will keep it simple. The $300,000 guaranteed supercontest does just that. All you have to do is pick five games against the spread each week. If you get the game right you get a point, if you push a game than you get a half point and if you miss it you get nothing. The more that you win, the better chance you have at claiming the monstrous prize pool that is offered up.  How much are we talking about? I thought you would never ask.

Show me the money!

When a football fan looks for a great contest they start by looking at one thing. They want to know how much they are going to win. How does $300,000 sound for a football contest prize pool? The best football contest has a big prize pool and they also reward players during the season. We researched and found that the best contest that we found has $12,500 for players that do well quarterly. This is crucial because if you are hot for four weeks but struggle out the gate or fail late you can still get that money.

How many players win prizes?

If you are in a football contest you have one goal, you want to finish in the money. Finishing first is the ultimate goal, but you want to end the season with money in your pocket. That is another reason why this $300,000 guaranteed supercontest of the best football contest of the year.  The top 230 players will get paid! The top 30 finishers will get at least $1000 in payouts.

So let’s recap. It’s easy to play. The top 30 finishers get paid and the prize pool is $300,000. Any questions?

Enter the $300,00 guaranteed supercontest and pick your way to the top of the leaderboard for the big cash prize!

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