2021 Cleveland Cavaliers Predictions: The Cavs Will Make the Playoffs

2021 Cleveland Cavaliers Predictions: The Cavs Will Make the Playoffs

Ever since LeBron James left Cleveland the Cavaliers have had a difficult time winning basketball games. That is changing. It is early in the NBA season, but the Cavaliers are playing hard-nosed basketball and have the chemistry to make the playoffs. J.B. Bickerstaff will be in the running for coach of the year because this team is focused. They also have incredible odds that will fill your pocket with cash if they make the post-season.

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It’s Early But…..

The NBA season is very young, but the Cavs are impressive. They have had to navigate a difficult schedule and they have managed to post a record above .500. They are doing it with defense. The Cavs currently have the No. 3 ranked defense and are winning the games that they are supposed to be winning. After beating the Wizards last Friday they now have a four-game winning streak. They have impressive wins against teams like the Heat, Hawks, and on the road against the Clippers. It’s early, but if you want to bet on the Cavs to make the playoffs now is the time to get the value.

Cavs Odds to Make the Playoffs

The odds for an NBA team to make the playoffs change all the time. If this is the type of bet you want to make, it is all about timing. The time to bet the Cavs to make the playoffs is now. Several top-rated sportsbooks have odds on the Cavs to make the playoffs. However, the best odds I have found so far are +444. This means you can get back 4-to-1 on your investment. These odds will change so bet it now before the world catches on to what the Cavs are doing.

Get Down with Garland

The NBA is a superstar-driven league. The name Darius Garland is not a well-known name, but it is about to be. In a recent win against Washington, it was Garland leading the way with 32 points, ten assists, and eight boards. He is evolving into a leader on this team and works well with others.

2021 Cleveland Cavaliers Predictions

The East is crowded and if the Cavs want to make the playoffs they have to beat some really good teams. The Nets, Bulls, and the Heat seem like locks to make the postseason. This means the Cavs have to contend with teams like the Sixers, Celtics, Hawks, and Wizards. The Cavs can get it done. They are not healthy yet and will only get better. The Cavs are going to make the playoffs and if you are going to bet on it, now is the time.

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