2021 NFL Week 11 Survivor Pick: Don’t Panic Here is the Pick You Need

2021 NFL Week 11 Survivor Pick: Don’t Panic Here is the Pick You Need

If you are in an NFL survivor pool, you already know how hard it is to stay alive and pick one winner each week in the NFL. If you are still alive in a contest then you deserve praise. The last few weeks in the NFL have been a nightmare to navigate and difficult to pick winners. But if you are looking for a pick this week we have the most popular picks and a few surprises that may keep you alive for one more week!

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Popular Picks

Despite the fact that some big favorites have lost badly over the last few weeks, the players will still go to the big favorites this week. The Tennessee Titans will be the most popular pick of the week. They have beaten some of the best teams in the league and should demolish the Houston Texans. Other popular teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, and the Cleveland Browns will also be selected.

However, this is a tough year and it’s late in the season. If you have already picked the teams above, you need to get crafty.

2021 NFL Week 11 Survivor Pick To Consider

There are a few other teams to consider. The Buffalo Bills are back on track offensively and host the Indianapolis Colts. Although they are on a short week, the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.  But if those teams are not good enough, perhaps you want to look for an upset.

Upset Picks

The underdogs were barking last week and the Vikings were one of those teams. We picked them last week in the upset win against the Chargers and we are taking a shot on them again. The Vikings are for real and they can run the ball. This will allow them to control the clock and keep this one close. If you are going to take a shot on an upset, you might as well take a divisional underdog. IF you are desperate for a pick and want to take an underdog, consider the Minnesota Vikings.

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