Can the Carolina Panthers win with Baker Mayfield?

Can the Carolina Panthers win with Baker Mayfield?

The trade rumors about Baker Mayfield have been running rampant for months. After the Browns signed Deshaun Watson it was clear they planned to part ways with Mayfield, although there is an obvious suspension looming. But is Baker an upgrade for the Panthers? More importantly, can Baker make the Panthers winners?

Better beat Brady

The obvious problem with the Panthers is that they play in the same division as Tom Brady, the best NFL player on the planet. Brady is back with the Buccaneers and the NFL odds show that they are the favorites to win the division and the Super Bowl. The good news for Carolina is that the Falcons are in a bad spot and the Saints are an enigma. Panthers head coach Matt Rhule is on the hot seat and that makes the Panthers a desperate team ready to win now. But not everyone is sold on Baker. 

Baker or Sam?

Baker Mayfield will have to compete with Sam Darnold for a shot at the starting job. It was not too long ago that Darnold was the savior to lead this team in the right direction. The debate in the Baker deal is all about the money, he will need to exceed expectations.  There may be bigger problems to consider.

The Carolina Panther’s odds show that this team will not win the division and they will not make the playoffs. That will change with Baker leading the squad.

Say goodbye to Sam

Panthers pass catcher Robbie Anderson made a reference to retirement this week that went viral. He clarified that his statement was in support of current QB Sam Darnold. This is not the first time that Anderson has displayed his displeasure for acquiring Baker.  But if Sam is on the Browns that would completely change things in Carolina camp and could lead to a difficult season.

Baker is Better

Baker can make Carolina better. He has a huge chip on his shoulder after being shunned by the Browns. His stats are better and the Panthers are in a win-now mode. If Baker fails, the Panther fans will get excited about the expectations of rookie Matt Corral. Outside of the money, it’s a win for the Panthers. With Baker under center, the Panthers are a playoff contender.

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