Carson Wentz Odds

Carson Wentz Odds: Welcome to Indianapolis

The Super Bowl always demands attention, but the NFL off-season is going to be sick. The most important player on any team is almost always the quarterback. This year, there are several high-profile names that may be switching teams. Names like Matthew Stafford and Deshaun Watson get headlines, and Cam Newton will be discussed, but according to the Carson Wentz odds, the Philadelphia Eagles may have a new quarterback next season.

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Update Feb 18, 2021

The Colts have traded for Carson Wentz. If you think this move will make the Colts contenders you may want to bet on this team now. The odds you see here are likely to change.

Bet Now Tennessee Titans     -105
Bet Now Indianapolis Colts     Ev

Update Feb 15, 2021

Carson Wentz to the Colts! 

It’s not official, but this is what I am betting on. The best odds for Wentz to the Colts can be found here. Many sportsbooks are pulling the odds for Carson Wentz, so if you are going to bet on this, do it now.


Bet Now                          Indianapolis Colts    +200

It has been rumored that the Wentz trade was going to happen soon, but it has taken weeks. Now ESPN has once again reported it will be done soon. Why the change? The Colts and the Bears balked at the original offer. Now the Eagles are adding pieces (like Zach Ertz) to make it happen.

The deal is not done yet, but I am betting that he lands in Indianapolis as the new quarterback of the Colts.

Update Feb 14, 2021

The latest headlines on the Eagles and Carson Wentz are all the same. The Eagles cannot get enough interest in Wentz to get a1st round pick. Reports suggest that some teams may offer a future 1st round draft pick that is not in the upcoming draft, but even that is unlikely.

Despite the drop in value, the most popular destination is still in Chicago. Several outlets believe a Wentz for Foles swap is still in the making. The odds still have Chicago as the favorite, but Wentz remaining in Philly is still a real possibility. 

Update Feb 13, 2021

The NFL rumor mill is dominated by JJ Watt and Russell Wilson rumors, but don’t forget about Carson Wentz. It is clear the Eagles are going to move Wentz.

It is very clear from these rumors that the Eagles have lost all leverage. It is also clear that now the Colts, Bears, and the Panthers control the bidding war if there is such a thing. (There’s not). The odds have slightly changed since this report. The Bears are still heavy favorites just ahead of the Colts, Eagles, and the Broncos. See the complete Carson Wentz odds and here and get up to $2500 to bet on his next team. 

Update Feb 9, 2021

The rumors are saying that Carson Wentz will be traded and the Bears and the Colts are the favorites, but that depends on where you look. Sportsbooks once again have posted odds and they may surprise you.

At BetUS, the Bears are the favorites but keeping Wentz with the Eagles is not as far-fetched as some may think. The Raiders and Panthers also may be a team to watch.


Bet Now Philadelphia Eagles     +175
Bet Now Indianapolis Colts     +200
Bet Now Denver Broncos     +700
Bet Now Chicago Bears     -300
Bet Now New England Patriots     +3000
Bet Now San Francisco 49ers     +3000
Bet Now Miami Dolphins     +4000
Bet Now New York Jets     +3000
Bet Now Carolina Panthers     +1000
Bet Now Las Vegas Raiders     +1200
Bet Now Houston Texans     +2000

But at BetOnline, the odds are different.  The Bears are still the favorite, but the Eagles are not on the board.

Bet Here Chicago Bears +100
Bet Here Indianapolis Colts +150
Bet Here Denver Broncos +800
Bet Here Washington Football Team +900
Bet Here Carolina Panthers +1200
Bet Here Houston Texans +1600
Bet Here Las Vegas Raiders +1800
Bet Here New England Patriots +2000
Bet Here San Francisco 49ers +2000
Bet Here Dallas Cowboys +2500
Bet Here Miami Dolphins +2500
Bet Here New York Jets +2500

If you are going to bet on Wentz going to the Colts, the time is now. Wentz reportedly prefers the Colts as his landing spot and that may force the Eagles to make a trade.

Update Feb 8, 2021

With the Super Bowl complete, the focus will be on the NFL draft and the rumors surrounding trades. The Texans swear that they will keep Deshaun Watson, and that has put all of the focus on Carson Wentz. The Bears and the Colts are still the front runners.


As we reported before the Bears (or any team) is reluctant to give up more than one first-round pick and that can indicate that more than one team will be in the mix in this deal.

The Raiders are reportedly one team that can be involved in the deal. Only one sportsbook that I know of still has odds on where he will be traded, but they change quickly so if you are going to bet on where Wentz plays next season, bet on it now. 

Update Feb 06, 2021

The Bears are making a move that reportedly will send Nick Foles back to Philadelphia.

If yesterday was not exciting enough, the news about Carson Wentz just keeps on coming. His time in Philadelphia is done and he is going to get traded. Only one sportsbook that I know of still has odds on where he will be traded, but they will be taken down soon once the details leak out.

Philly will need the team taking Wentz to help out with money or give something huge in returns due to the dead cap hit. This may mean more than one team is getting involved.

Update Feb 05, 2021

All the talk around Wentz is that he may go to the Colts or the Bears, but usually, it is the team flying under the radar that makes the deal. In this case, the team that may sneak in to make the best deal is the Las Vegas Raiders. Many of the sportsbooks are pulling odds which usually means the deal is close. Only one sportsbook still has odds at all.

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