Euro 2020 Bracket

Euro 2020 Bracket: Picks and Predictions for the Knockout Stage

Euro 2020 is a global event and it is very entertaining, but it’s about to get serious. The knockout stage is a field of the best 16 teams in the world fighting it out in an elimination tournament. The Euro 2020 Bracket sets the stage for what will be the best event of the year. Buckle in and get ready for the knockout stage as we present our picks and predictions.

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Euro 2020 Bracket: Setting the Stage

Before betting on any match and future champion, you have to look at the betting guide and the bracket.

The next step is to look over the schedule and see when and where the teams will be facing off against one another.


Saturday, June 26

12 p.m. ET: Wales vs. Denmark in Amsterdam

3 p.m. ET: Italy vs. Austria in London

Sunday, June 27

12 p.m. ET: Netherlands vs. Czech Republic in Budapest

3 p.m. ET: Belgium vs. Portugal in Seville

Monday, June 28

12 p.m. ET: Croatia vs. Spain in Copenhagen

3 p.m. ET: France vs. Switzerland in Bucharest

Tuesday, June 29

12 p.m. ET: England vs. Germany in London

3 p.m. ET: Sweden vs. Ukraine in Glasgow


Friday, July 2

12 p.m ET: France/Switzerland winner vs. Croatia/Spain winner in St. Petersburg

3 p.m. ET: Italy/Austria winner vs. Belgium/Portugal winner in Munich

Saturday, July 3

12 p.m. ET: Netherlands/Czech Republic winner vs. Wales/Denmark winner in Baku

3 p.m. ET: England/Germany winner vs. Sweden/Ukraine winner in Rome

Picks and Predictions for the Knockout Stage

The picks will be updated daily, but we will start with day one. At this point of the knockout stage, there will not be many upsets because the talent dominates. The best bet for day one of the knockout stage is Italy.

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