49ers Deebo Samuel Trade Rumors: Where Does Deebo Play Next?

49ers Deebo Samuel Trade Rumors: Where Does Deebo Play Next?

This is the off-season of disgruntled wide receivers. It started with a few quarterbacks that wanted to play with new teams. Then it moved to quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield who have yet to find a team, but now the wide receivers are stealing the show. With Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams getting a big payday, the other stars in the league are ready to get paid. This could be a sign of bad things to come for San Francisco. The 49ers Deebo Samuel trade rumors show that big names will be moved soon.

Deebo wants a trade

A few weeks ago it was announced that some big-time wide receivers AJ Brown and Deebo Samuel were not happy and would not attend off-season workout sessions. But Deebo took it a step further. He wants out of San Francisco. The 49ers have said they are willing to pay him, but he is not listening.

Where Will Deebo Play Next?

According to the odds, Deebo will most likely stay with the 49ers. However, there are several other teams that are interested in making a trade. See the list of teams and the latest odds on Deebo’s landing spot. Bet on where he will get traded to and get a $1000 bonus! [BET NOW]

Deebo Rumor Mill

Ever since the trade potential was reported that rumors and possibilities started leaking. Several teams are being discussed as landing spots for Deebo. The one team getting the most talk is the New York Jets.

But that does not stop other teams’ fanbases speculating about the potential of landing Deebo in a blockbuster trade.

Where Will Deebo Go?

There are several teams in the mix, so let’s start with the obvious. He has no choice but to stay where he is.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers do not have to trade him. He is still under contract and trading him may send a bad message to anyone else on the team who wants out.

But if the 49ers do want to trade him, there are plenty of teams that are interested. This includes the Jets, the Eagles, the Bears, the Chiefs, the Packers, and the Patriots.

New York Jets

The Jets wanted to get Tyreek Hill according to PFT, but he went to the Dolphins, so of course, they are in the mix. However, the Jets have zero chance at the playoffs and this would be a death sentence for Deebo.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs believe that they are the same team, even without Tyreek Hill. To believe that they will now trade for a wide receiver that they will have to pay is ludicrous. The Chiefs would love to have him, but they are not willing to give up the assets.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers lost Adams to the Raiders so this move makes sense, but the Packers do not pay for pass catchers. They recently signed Sammy Watkins on the cheap and they will most likely draft a wideout in the NFL draft. This is highly unlikely.

New England Patriots

This is the spot for Deebo. The Patriots have a young offense with plenty of weapons and Bill Belichick will know how to use Deebo. As a running back/wide receiver hybrid he can thrive in this offense and allow the Pats to compete with the Bills and the Dolphins. If the 49ers are going to trade Deebo, the Patriots are the best landing spot.