Why the Lakers will make the playoffs

Why the Lakers will make the playoffs

Things look very bad for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony Davis is hurt, LeBron is missing games and Russell Westbrook is inconsistent. Recently the San Antonio Spurs passed the Lakers in the standings for the last spot in the play-in round. The Lakers have an ugly stretch to end the season and it looks like they are going to miss the NBA postseason.  But don’t count out the Lakers. Here is why the Lakers will make the playoffs.

Odds are against them

Until recently the odds suggested the Lakers will make the playoffs, but after a few ugly losses that changed. According to the odds at MyBookie the Lakers are +165 to make the postseason. This means that everyone has given up on this team and that is when they play their best. Check out the latest odds on the Lakers to make the playoffs.

AD is Back

Anthony Davis is coming back into the lineup. Why would the Lakers bring back AD to play in meaningless games? The answer is they wouldn’t. They know if they want to make the playoffs they have to win every game and it starts now. With AD back in the middle, it will take the pressure off the rest of the team and allow for a better flow on offense. Not to mention a better and bigger presence on defense.

They can catch the Spurs

The Spurs have the best coach on the planet and they own the tiebreaker. They also have an easier schedule down the stretch. However, the Spurs do not have a good basketball team. Banking on the Spurs to protect a lead is a dangerous proposition. Yet all of the latest articles suggest that San Antonio has the talent to wrap up the 10-spot and grab a ticket to the playoffs.

Don’t bet against LeBron

If you want to lose money betting on sports, bet against LeBron James. The Lakers let him get healthy and they will have their “Big-3” for the stretch run. There are some places that say the Lakers have a 2% chance to make the playoffs, but they are wrong. This is your opportunity to make money betting on the Lakers.  The Lakers do have a tough schedule but many of those teams do not have anything to play for. LeBron wants the scoring title and he wants to be in the playoffs. This is why the Lakers will make the NBA playoffs.

Bet on the Lakers to make the playoffs here.

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