Sixers vs Celtics game one picks

Sixers vs Celtics game one picks and predictions

The NBA playoffs begin on Monday and the most anticipated NBA match up in the Eastern Conference is the series between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics. This series is expected to be a close one, even though the Sixers will be without Ben Simmons who was lost to an injury. That may seem like making the Sixers vs Celtics game one picks and predictions will be easy, but guess again.

NBA betting line

Reading the NBA line for this game is pretty straightforward. The top sportsbooks opened up the Celtics as favorites. The opening betting line is Celtics (-5.5) with an over/under of 219. The line is already on the move as some sportsbooks have the Celtics at (-6.5) already. This makes sense considering that the Celtics are (-375) to win the series and are expected to be a contender to advance deep in the NBA playoff brackets.

The Celtics are all grown up

The Celtics youth is taking over led by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown who are quite the dynamic duo. Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward add leadership and offense. Brad Stevens is at the helm as one of the best young coaches in the game. Everyone in Boston is already penciling in Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks, but they better not look past this series.

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Embiid is not enough

Joel Embiid is talented and in the past, he has shown that he can take over a game. Embiid will be primarily guarded by a rotation of Enes Kanter and Daniel Theis. He can also look for double-teams on rotations. If healthy he can match the output in December when he put up 38 points against Boston.

Sixers coach Brett Brown has said that the recent rash of injuries will not hinder his playing time against Boston.

“I don’t have concern it’s going to restrict him from playing against the Boston Celtics. I don’t have concern that it’s going to minimize his effectiveness.”

But Philadelphia is more than the big man. Tobias Harris and Alec Burks are bringing a much needed offensive punch to this team. The team is still adjusting the rotation due to several injuries (Glenn Robinson III) but this is the playoffs and I expect the team to be at full strength.

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Sixers vs Celtics game one picks and predictions

The Celtics may be the better team, but this game will go down to the wire. The remaining players on the Sixers, led by Tobias Harris are taking it seriously that they are being counted out without Simmons. They have the ability to control the game down low with Embiid and Horford and will give the Celtics big troubles in the paint. The Celtics are overvalued due to the injury to Simmons. The Celtics are 1-4-1 ATS in their last 6 games against a team with a winning straight up record. The best bet is the Sixers and the points.

Sixers +6.5

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Breaking down the 2020 NBA playoff bracket predictions

 Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions

The NBA playoffs have arrived and hoop fans and sports betting champions are ready to make their 2020 NBA playoff bracket predictions. This is a different year in the NBA playoffs that has a play-in series and no real home-court advantage as all of the games will be played in the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida. (get your printable 2020 bracket)

The 2021 NBA playoff bracket predictions are here

Play-In Series

The playoffs start Saturday with the play-in series between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers. This is a unique start to the playoffs and the schedule is posted, so all that is left to do is pick a winner. This is a very interesting NBA match up. The Trail Blazers play some really bad defense and that will allow the Grizzlies to steal a game, but in the end, the Blazers will advance. The Blazers advance in two games.

Update: The Blazers only needed one game to advance, thanks to the stellar play of center  Jusuf Nurkic. They now will play the Lakers.  

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NBA Playoff Bracket predictions

Before we make the picks, here are the NBA first-round series prices:

Eastern Conference

(1) Milwaukee Bucks (-10000) vs. (8) Orlando Magic (+1300)

(2) Toronto Raptors (-3330) vs. (7) Brooklyn Nets (+1100)

(3) Boston Celtics (-375) vs. (6) Philadelphia 76ers (+275)

(4/5) Miami Heat vs. (4/5) Indiana Pacers

Western Conference

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (8) TBD

(2) Los Angeles Clippers (-550) vs. (7) Dallas Mavericks (+375)

(3) Denver Nuggets (+160) vs. (6) Utah Jazz (+160)

(4/5) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (4/5) Houston Rockets

Western Conference NBA playoff predictions


The West is all about the Lakers, the top seed. Although it could be argued that the Rockets vs Thunder is the best game in the first round, all eyes will be on LeBron James. The Lakers outlast advance past a tired Blazers team. In fact, in the first round, all of the favorites will advance. 2020 NBA playoff bracket predictions

Second round

Westbrook is hurt, Harden is inconsistent and the Rockets don’t have the size. They can’t stop Anthony Davis and the Lakers advance. The upset comes in the other matchup.

The Denver Nuggets will beat the LA Clippers. The Nuggets are as deep as the Clippers and they have the size to dominate up front. Nikola Jokic is the star, but the emergence of Michael Porter Jr. in the restart has been fun to watch.  Your first upset in the West is when the Nuggets advance in seven games.

Western Conference Finals

I really want to pick the Nuggets to beat the Lakers. They can score and run with LA and have enough depth to match up with the Lakers. But it’s LeBron James playing with motivation to return to the Finals and honor Kobe Bryant. The NBA loves its stars. Lakers advance in 7 games.

Eastern Conference NBA playoff predictions


The favorites are the Milwaukee Bucks followed by the Toronto Raptors, but the best first-round series is the Celtics vs Sixers. Although, it could be argued that the Miami vs. Indiana series will be equally as intriguing. I am not looking for major upsets in the first round as every favorite will advance except for the Heat who loses to the Pacers in seven games.Breaking down the 2020 NBA playoff bracket predictions East

Second round

This is where things get interesting. The Bucks will beat the Pacers in 5 games. They have an incredible defense and they are better than the Pacers.

The Raptors and the Celtics will be the series to watch. The defending champions against the team many predict will win it all this year. The Raptors are stout and play tough defense, but the offensive inconsistency, especially in the half-court will be too much to overcome. The Celtics lack size, but Robert Williams emerges as a quality big man and they advance in seven games.

Eastern Conference Finals

The Celtics have always struggled against Giannis Antetokounmpo and that is unlikely to change in the Finals. The Celtics can beat this team by shooting the 3-ball. The Bucks gave up the most 3’s made and attempted in league history. That is a strong point of this Celtics team. They can get points from more than one player and can spread the floor.

In a back and forth series, the Celtics win and advance in seven games.

NBA Finals

Does it get any better than this? The Celtics against the Lakers for another championship as the legend of this rivalry lives on.  Kyle Kuzma has given the Lakers and extra boost offensively with his play in the bubble averaging 15.4 points on 44.4% shooting from 3. The Celtics have young talent and they are well-coached but will it be enough to hold off arguably the best player in the world? Yes.

NBA Finals Prediction: Celtics in 6

2020 World Champions: Boston Celtics (+1200)

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Here are the odds to Win NBA Championship

Los Angeles Lakers +250

Milwaukee Bucks +250

Los Angeles Clippers +270

Toronto Raptors +900

Houston Rockets +1200

Boston Celtics +1200

Denver Nuggets +2500

Miami Heat +3000

Dallas Mavericks +4000

Portland Trail Blazers +4000

Philadelphia 76ers +5000

Utah Jazz +5000

Oklahoma City Thunder +6500

Indiana Pacers +10000

Brooklyn Nets +20000

Orlando Magic +30000

Memphis Grizzlies +40000

Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers predictions and pick against the spread

Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers predictions and pick against the spread: Who wins?

This year the NBA Playoffs have a twist. The NBA play-in series is going to make the postseason, even more exciting. The Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies will face off in this inaugural edition to the playoffs. This is a can’t-miss NBA match up. With such a unique situation doing your homework before making your Grizzlies vs Blazers predictions and pick against the spread will pay off.

What’s the play-in all about?

The play-in is relatively simple. Since the Trail Blazers hold the No. 8 seed all they have to do is win the first game and they advance. If they lose the first game to the Grizzlies they will have to come back and play again on Sunday. The winner on Sunday will advance. The winner of the play-in series will not have much time to rest as they will join the rest of the Western Conference and play against the top-seeded LA Lakers. The rest of the NBA playoffs bracket is locked and ready to go.

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The NBA play-in schedule

The NBA playoffs start on Monday so they have to get in the play-in series before that tips-off. You won’t have to wait long to see the outcome of this series. Here is the schedule:

Game 1: Saturday, Aug. 15 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Game 2 (if necessary): Sunday, Aug. 16 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Series play-in odds

The NBA odds for this series are set and it is very clear that the Trail Blazers are the favorite. In the first game, the Blazers are listed as (-6) point favorites, which seems high. This is partly due to how hot the Blazers and Damian Lillard has been in the bubble. Lillard is easily the best player in the NBA restart and will be treating this series like the NBA Finals.

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Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers predictions and pick against the spread

So who wins? The easy pick is the Trail Blazers because the top sportsbooks have labeled this team as the favorite, but they have some issues. The defense is worrisome as they have allowed 124 or more points in five of the last eight games that they have played in. Defense does win ball games, but in this game Dame is just willing his team to win. The Grizzlies put up a fight, but in the end, the Trail Blazers advance in two games.

Grizzlies vs Trail Blazers predictions and pick against the spread: Trail Blazers in two games.

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money

How to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money

Finally, the NBA regular season in the bubble is wrapping up and the NBA playoffs are about to begin. The playoffs have a much different intensity than the regular season and are always more enjoyable to watch. The excitement increases if you plan on placing a wager on the games when they tip-off. Betting on playoff basketball is not easy and if you want to make real money, you have to be informed. We have set out to do just that and give out helpful tips on how to bet on the NBA playoffs. From the play-in series to the NBA Finals we got you covered. 

Breaking down the 2020 NBA playoffs bracket

Before you can bet on the games you have to know who is playing and what the seeds are. It may sound simple, but if you don’t know who the teams are playing and who they play next, it will be difficult to bet on NBA futures, like who will win the NBA championship? Below we have a breakdown of every NBA matchup for the playoffs. 

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Western Conference

  1. Lakers vs. 8.Blazers/Grizzlies
  2. Clippers vs. 7. Mavericks
  3. Nuggets vs. 6. Jazz
  4. Thunder vs. 5. Rockets

Eastern Conference

  1. Milwaukee vs 8. Orlando
  2. Miami vs 5. Indiana
  3. Boston vs 6. Philadelphia
  4. Toronto vs 7. Brooklyn

Bet with a bonus

How you bet and who you bet on are very important, but where you bet needs to be just as important. The goal is to find a sports betting site that is trustworthy, offers plentiful betting options, and pays out quickly. We have compiled a list of the top sportsbooks to make it easy to choose. Keep an eye out for the big bonuses that sportsbooks are giving out to give you extra money to bet on the NBA playoffs. That is a big difference-maker when you bet on basketball.

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Home not-so-sweet home

The experienced handicappers will read the NBA betting line and cover all of the angles before placing a bet. This year that has changed since the teams are all playing in Orlando in the bubble.  Early in the year, a team like the Philadelphia 76ers would have been a “bet against” on the road. At one point in late February, the Sixers went 27-2 at home and just 9-21 on the road. Looking at player’s numbers on the road may help. For example, the Clippers Kawhi Leonard has some interesting road playoff averages at 26.7 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 1.8 steals, 0.7 blocks, 49.4 percent from two, 42.9 percent from three, and 87.0 percent from the line (8.0 attempts). However, in the bubble, there is no real home-court advantage, but the bubble provides some interesting angles to consider before betting on basketball.

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Not all numbers matter

The play in the NBA bubble up to this point is comparable to preseason play. Teams motivated to win have been able to get it done, like the Phoenix Suns who started the bubble run with a 7-0 straight up and against the spread (ATS) record. These numbers can be deceiving because teams like the Lakers and Bucks locked up the top spot early and had no motivation to play. These numbers may not matter but if you put in the homework you will find some that do. When learning how to bet on the NBA playoffs, finding these numbers is essential. For example, the Heat is 6-1 ATS in the first seven games in the bubble in the first quarter. The Spurs are 7-0 ATS in the first half in the first seven games in the bubble.

Time to win

The true secret behind learning how to bet on the NBA Playoffs and make money is simple. You have to work hard. You get out of betting on the NBA, exactly what you put into it. It’s time for the NBA playoffs, get to work!

76ers vs Celtics series predictions: Don’t doubt Philadelphia

76ers vs Celtics series predictions: Don’t doubt Philadelphia

The NBA match up between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics does not look the same as it did in the past. This was one of the most anticipated matchups of the NBA playoffs before the Sixers were decimated by devastating injuries to some of their best players.  Before the injuries, it was difficult to make 76ers vs Celtics series predictions, but now everyone assumes that the Celtics will advance and meet the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference finals.

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Philly is focused on the playoffs

The Celtics faced Philadelphia in the 2018 playoffs and were treated to an easy exit, but there is one player that is putting that in the past. Tobias Harris made it very simple when asked about playing Boston. “My thoughts are, let’s win.” That is easier said than done. They will be without Ben Simmons and that means Harris, Joel Embiid, and former Celtic Al Horford will have to step up.

Everyone’s Betting Boston

The top sportsbooks had to put a high price on Boston to win this series. The sports betting public was high on Boston before the injury to Simmons and that number is just getting higher and higher. ESPN’s Basketball Power Index projects Boston with a 72 percent chance to win the series and a 13 percent chance to sweep with only an 11 percent chance for Philly to win in seven games. That is why the sportsbooks have no choice but to make the Celtics a huge favorite in the series and game one. The Celtics may be better coached and they are much deeper, but there are a few things to be concerned about.

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In this series size matters

With all due respect to Daniel Theis, Robert Williams, and Enes Kanter, the Celtics have a tough time against bigger physical teams. Good coaching and defensive switches help, but they are going to have a tough time stopping Embiid and Horford. The Sixers won three of the four games against the Celtics this season and Embiid put up 38 points in one affair and Horford put up 17 points in another. The troubles against bigger players have continued in the bubble.  Other notable outputs against Boston include Jusuf Nurkic (30 points, nine rebounds, five assists), Bam Adebayo (21 points, 12 rebounds), and Nikola Vucevic (26 points, 11 rebounds). If they advance to the NBA Finals, they better hope the matchup is against some of the smaller teams from the West.

Kemba, inconsistency and more reasons to worry

Kemba Walker is still recovering from a knee injury and head coach Brad Stevens has done a masterful job of “hiding” his issues on defense. This rotation turns into a defensive zone so other teams cannot target Kemba and his injury.

On offense against Memphis, the Celtics looked great, but the C’s have had issues against the Sixers. Boston’s rating on offense when playing the Sixers this season was a low 106.9, dropping to 103.1 in the three losses. The Celtics shot only 43.3 percent overall against Philadelphia a number that has to improve if they want to win this series.

76ers vs Celtics series predictions

With all of that being said, I do believe that the Celtics win this series. However, it is naïve to think this series will be a sweep or to think that this will be an easy round for Boston. The Sixers play well on defense and can do well in the paint opening up shooting lanes for other players. The Sixers playing without Simmons and the documented struggles away from home are the only things keeping Philadelphia from winning this series. Boston will win, but it’s going to be close.

76ers vs Celtics series predictions: Celtics in 7 games

Rockets vs Thunder predictions

Rockets vs Thunder predictions: Things you need to know

The Eastern conference has superstars and good playoff matchups, but not like the west. The one series that is getting the most attention leading up to the playoffs has to be the Houston Rockets against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Endless side stories, incredible athletes, and connections galore. Before I make my Rockets vs Thunder predictions, it’s to look at the intangibles.

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Curious connections

No series has more subplots than this one. It all starts with the big trade that connects these franchises forever. The Rockets moved Chris Paul to OKC to nab Russell Westbrook. The trade also involved plenty of draft picks, but those two names will be the talk of the series. Westbrook is already in the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. 


Paul is also very good friends with James Harden, who also played with the Thunder. Reportedly Harden and Paul had a falling out, although Harden denied those rumors. With this kind of tension, both teams are looking forward to this NBA match up. Regardless they are still close off the court at least from a location perspective.

If you really want to learn how to bet on the NBA playoffs, you have to look past the storylines. 

Odds call it close… kind of

The top sportsbooks posted odds on this series and game one and there is one thing that is clear. This is going to be a close series. But when you look at the odds to win the Western Conference, they tell a different story. The Rockets are (7-to-1) to win the West and the Thunder are (24-to-1) to win the conference. That is a stark contrast and really shows just how better than the Rockets are.

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Seeking series redemption

The Thunder won 2-of-the-3 regular-season meetings between these teams. Despite the number, Westbrook has played well against OKC, averaging 29 points on 59.1 percent shooting, and adding 8.3 rebounds and 8.7 assists. The secret to the success of the Thunder is sharing the rock. In the series against the Rockets, Paul averaged 20 points, six boards, and four dimes and Danilo Gallinari is averaging 21.7 points, Dennis Schroder 20.3, and Shae Gilgeous-Alexander 18.3.

Count on Chris

Paul has an X-factor with a unique ability to get under the skin of the opposition, much like he did in his last outing against the Miami Heat.

This may be the reason why James Harden has had some problems when playing against the Thunder. In 3 games against OKC this year Harden is hitting a mere 32.8 percent from the floor.

Rockets vs Thunder predictions

So who wins? The fans because this will be a very entertaining series, but from a betting view there is only one option. The bet in this series is the Rockets. The Thunder have some injuries that are concerning, starting with the knee injury to guard Luguentz Dort. The Rockets will rally and bring the “A” game out to make up for the abscence of Westbrook.  The series will go back and forth, but in the end, Harden and the Rockets will win.

Rockets vs Thunder predictions: Rockets in 6

It will only get better in the next round as the winner of this series will most likely go up against LeBron James and the Lakers. That is of course if the Lakers beat the winner of the play-in series.


Magic vs Bucks: How to bet on this series

The NBA playoffs are all set and one of the playoff series that is being overlooked is in the Eastern Conference. All the attention is now on the 76ers vs Celtics. But wait. The Milwaukee Bucks claimed the first top spot in the East and they will “host” the Orlando Magic who claimed the No. 8 seed. This series may not be as exciting as the Rockets vs Thunder, but it will be a good NBA match up. When previewing the Magic vs Bucks series, it is easy to be one-sided and favor the Bucks, but you need to dig deeper if you are going to bet on this series.

Breaking down the 2020 NBA Playoff Bracket predictions for every series and your printable brackets!

Avoid number inflation

According to the top sportsbooks the Bucks are heavy favorites to win this series. With the best player in basketball in Giannis Antetokounmpo, they are also the favorites to win the East at (-160). Many sports betting sites are posting odds that lean to the Bucks sweeping the Magic out of the playoffs in the best-of-7-series. If you plan to bet on Milwaukee, it is best to get on this team now. The basketball betting line is only going to increase leading up to tip-off.

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Magic vs Bucks medical report

Magic coach Steve Clifford is underrated. He gets the most out of his team and they secured a playoff berth for the second straight season. They have the ability to be a tough underdog, but that will change when you look at the injuries. Injuries to Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Gordon, and Michael Carter-Williams make things difficult for this team when they go up against Milwaukee. Isaac suffering a torn ACL means he will be gone for a long time. The Magic held players out to get healthy for the playoffs, so monitor the injuries before betting on this series.

Playoffs are different

When betting on this series try not to get caught up in the outcome of the regular season. The Magic went winless (-0-4) against the Bucks and they were crushed. The Bucks’ average margin of victory in those four meetings was 17 points (113.8-96.8). There is also a coaching mismatch. Milwaukee has won six of the seven meetings between the teams since Mike Budenholzer took over as Bucks’ head coach. This will drive the public to push up point spreads in this series and the Magic may be worth a bet early in this series.

When betting on this series, take caution. The Bucks will win this series, but laying double-digits on every game will only lead to trouble. Bet smart and good luck!

Magic vs Bucks pick: Bucks in 5

Pittsburgh Steelers betting preview

Pittsburgh Steelers betting preview: Bet on a return to glory!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the best teams in the National Football League. This is a team that has played in eight Super Bowls and has won six of them. This includes winning four in a six-year span.  Lately, the team has had trouble getting by the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, but that is about to change. Our Pittsburgh Steelers betting preview shows that this team is ready for a return to glory!

Big Ben is Back!

One good sign for the Steeler fan base is that Ben Roethlisberger is healthy and will be back under center. Better yet he is relishing the rare role of being the underdog.  Last year, without Roethlisberger, the Steelers were No. 30 in total offense, the lowest they have placed ever. Roethlisberger is an upgrade to the quarterback position and will instantly add to what will be a potent offense this season. Ben has a combined record of 63-20-1 against the rest of the AFC North.  His leadership and his veteran presence will provide an element that the Steelers were missing last year. A motivated Big Ben is the kind that Steelers fans want to see.

Betting on Black and Yellow

The Steelers are underrated by the top sportsbooks who posted the win totals and futures odds on Pittsburgh.  They are (4-to-1) to win the AFC North, (12-to-1) to win the AFC, and (25-to-1) to win Super Bowl LV. According to the 2020 NFL win totals the Steelers are projected to win 9-9.5 games. Last year the team managed an 8-8 season, mostly carried by an incredible defense.MB NFL 320x50 Jpg

The defense can get better

The defense last year was incredible. They were among the best in the league against the pass and the run and they were the best in the NFL in turnovers (38). The numbers did not stop there. They led the NFL in sacks (54) and tied for fifth-fewest defensive points allowed per game (18.9). Despite those gaudy numbers defensive coordinator Keith Butler still thinks they can get better.

“Hopefully, we will be better wholly than last year,” Butler said last week.

2020 Steelers schedule

Like any team, the Steelers do have a few hurdles on the 2020 schedule. They play three of the last four games on the road, but overall it looks pretty good. They get a bye week after playing the Ravens and before they go and play at Dallas against the Cowboys. That bye comes in the middle of the season and that will benefit this team.

Time to bet big

The Steelers are going to avoid their first three-year playoff drought and win big this year. They will get 11 wins and win the AFC North and I am betting on it. Steeler fans rejoice! This is going to be a great year!

Clippers vs Nuggets predictions and pick against the spread

Clippers vs Nuggets predictions and pick against the spread

The LA Clippers are a title contender and the Denver Nuggets hope to be in the picture when the NBA playoffs begin. Before that happens, both teams will square off in the bubble. When you are betting in the bubble it is very important to know the motivation for both teams. Before making Clippers vs Nuggets predictions and pick against the spread we are going to read the line and make motivation checks.

Look at the line

The point spread opened with LA as (-5.5) point favorites against the Nuggets. Since that open, the betting line has changed and now the Clippers are as low as (-4.5) at a few of the top sportsbooks. This is because over 90% of the early wagering is on the Nuggets.

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Let’s look at load management

Both of these teams are strolling through the seeding games and regularly rest starters. The Clippers have rotated superstars in each game exchanging out Paul George for Kawhi Leonard. If that continues, do not look for Leonard in this game tonight. The Clippers will also get Montrezl Harrell back, but won’t play because he is being quarantined.

Malone monitoring minutes

Nuggets coach Mike Malone does not let his starters exceed 26 minutes in the game and he often employs a zone defense and a big lineup to change things up during the game. Michael Porter Jr is the bring spot for this team and will be a player to watch tonight.

Clippers vs Nuggets predictions and pick against the spread

Keep an eye on the Clippers tonight. Don’t expect Doc Rivers to overpress his starters, but he is looking for more intensity from his starters ramping up to the playoffs. Although seeding is not as important as it has been in the past, the Clippers can lock up the No. 2 seed with a win. The Nuggets are off an incredible performance by the team with eight players in double figures and that will be hard to reproduce.

ATS Pick: The Clippers are 10-4 ATS in their last 14 games overall and they get the win and cover tonight against the Nuggets.

2020 NHL playoff bracket

2020 NHL playoff bracket: Who wins the Stanley Cup?

The National Hockey League playoffs are here!

The NHL did a wonderful job of keeping the players safe and secure in the bubble leading up to the post-season. The league has gone weeks without a positive COVID-19 test. The first week of testing in Phase 4 of the return-to-play protocol, produced zero positive tests out of 7,703 of them. Those numbers have continued to improve and that means everyone is COVID-free for the playoffs. All that’s left to do is investigate the 2020 NHL playoff bracket and pick a Stanley Cup Champion.

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NHL playoffs odds

The top sportsbooks have posted the NHL playoffs odds and not much has changed leading up to the puck drop of the postseason. According to the 2020 Stanley Cup Odds to win the Vegas Golden Knights (+450) and the Colorado Avalanche (+5500) lead the way as favorites. The Chicago Blackhawks (+3300) and the Montreal Canadiens (+3000) are longshots to win the hardware.

NHL playoff predictions

Now that we have the odds and we have an NHL playoffs TV schedule handy, it’s time to make our NHL playoff predictions.  We picked an underdog to watch, a team on the rise, and our pick for the team that will be crowned Stanley Cup champions.

The team on the rise…..

The team on the rise is the Philadelphia Flyers. They clinched the top seed in the East and dominated every opponent in the round-robin phase. They outscored the three top teams in the East 11-3 and look unstoppable. Overall the Flyers have done well against the teams remaining in the field.

Carey Price has a 1.67 goals-against average and can steal a game for Montreal, but the Flyers will cruise in the first round. If there is a team on the rise to keep an eye on it is the Flyers.

Flyers Stanley Cup Odds +600

The underdog to watch….

The underdog to watch is the Boston Bruins. The Bruins were considered by many to be the best team in the NHL for most of the season. When hockey returned the Bruins went flat and had trouble winning. They lost the top seed and they were 0-3 in the seeding round. The power-play unit went 0-for-9 in three games and they had 1 point combined from Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and David Pastrnak. Goalie Tuukka Rask said the seeding games were just an opportunity “to shake the rust off” before the “real hockey.” Forward Brad Marchand called them “preseason games.” The Bruins have the talent to turn things around and the nice odds make this team the underdog to watch.  

Bruins Stanley Cup Odds +800

UPDATE: Bruins announce that Tuukka Rask is opting out of the NHL bubble

The Bruins bet looks a little more concerning after the announcement that Tuukka Rask is opting out of the NHL bubble. 

And your Stanley Cup champion is…..

The Tampa Bay Lightning has revenge in the first round of the playoffs against Columbus. A 62 win team was swept and embarrassed a year ago and they will make short work of Columbus who defeated the Maple Leafs in five games.  This team is loaded with talent in Nikita Kucherov, Brayden Point, Victor Hedman, and goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy to take on any team. They do have some injury concerns with Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman, but they can beat Columbus while the stars rest. Tampa Bay is our pick to be 2020 Stanley Cup champs!

Lightning Stanley Cup Odds +750