2023 NBA playoff Betting Trends

As the NBA playoffs approach, bettors are looking for the best trends to guide their wagers. NBA playoffs betting trends can give you valuable insights into the teams’ performance during the postseason, and it can help you make informed betting decisions. In this article, we’ll discuss the best NBA playoff betting trends to keep in mind when placing your bets. After reading this article, check out the free 2023 NBA playoff picks against the spread. 

  1. Home Court Advantage

Home-court advantage is a significant factor in the NBA playoffs. Since 1984, home teams have won over 60% of playoff games. Therefore, you should consider betting on the home team, especially in the early rounds when teams are still finding their footing. You can also take advantage of home-court advantage by betting on the home team’s point spread.

  1. Momentum

Momentum is another critical factor in the NBA playoffs. Teams that have finished the regular season strong often carry that momentum into the postseason. Conversely, teams that have struggled in the regular season may have difficulty finding their footing in the playoffs. Therefore, you should consider betting on teams that have finished the regular season strong.

  1. Rested Teams

Rest is essential in the NBA playoffs. Teams that have had several days off between games are generally more rested and prepared to play at a high level. Conversely, teams that are playing back-to-back games or have played several games in a short period may be fatigued and more prone to mistakes. Therefore, you should consider betting on rested teams, especially in the early rounds of the playoffs.

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  1. Underdogs

While favorites are often favored by bettors in the NBA playoffs, underdogs can be a valuable bet as well. Underdogs have covered the spread in over 50% of playoff games since 2010. Therefore, you should consider betting on underdogs, especially in the later rounds of the playoffs when the competition is more evenly matched.

  1. Scoring Trends

Scoring trends can give you valuable insights into a team’s performance during the playoffs. For example, teams that score more points than their opponents in the regular season often perform well in the playoffs. Similarly, teams that have a high-scoring offense and a strong defense often do well in the playoffs. Therefore, you should consider betting on teams with strong scoring trends.

  1. Series Length

The length of a playoff series can also be a valuable betting trend to consider. For example, if a series is tied after the first two games, the team that wins Game 3 has historically gone on to win the series 74% of the time. Therefore, you should consider betting on the team that wins Game 3 if the series is tied after the first two games.

  1. Player Performance

Finally, player performance can be a valuable betting trend to consider during the NBA playoffs. For example, players who have performed well in the regular season often carry that success into the playoffs. Conversely, players who have struggled during the regular season may continue to struggle in the playoffs. Therefore, you should consider betting on players who have a history of performing well during the playoffs.

In conclusion, the NBA playoffs offer a wealth of betting opportunities for bettors. By keeping these seven betting trends in mind, you can make informed decisions that increase your chances of winning. Remember to bet responsibly and only wager what you can afford to lose. Good luck and have fun!

Does Russell Westbrook make the Clippers a contender?

Does Russell Westbrook make the Clippers a contender?

The news came down early on Monday that Russell Westbrook plans to sign with the LA Clippers. This does not come as a surprise since Marcus Morris and Paul George began advocating for management to sign Westbrook the minute that he became available. There is no doubt that Westbrook is not the same player he was years ago,  but he is still an impressive asset. Does he make the Clippers a contender?

Russ to the Clippers and the odds change

This is usually the time of year when basketball fans focus on March Madness, but this news changes everything. The sportsbooks have adjusted the odds for the Clippers to win and although the Phoenix Suns still held the top spot, the Clippers got better. If you believe in the Clippers now may be the time to bet on this team, because they finally got the player that they were missing.

What can Westbrook bring to the Clippers?

The Clippers need a point guard and Russ will fill that role, but he brings much more than that.

  1. Elite athleticism: Westbrook is one of the most athletic players in the NBA. He’s known for his incredible speed, quickness, and leaping ability, which allow him to make plays that most other players can’t.
  2. Versatility: Westbrook is a versatile player who can do a little bit of everything on the court. He’s a great scorer, passer, rebounder, and defender, and he’s capable of playing multiple positions.
  3. Consistency: Westbrook is a consistent performer who puts up big numbers on a regular basis. He’s averaged a triple-double for four out of the past five seasons, which is an incredibly impressive feat.
  4. Competitive spirit: Westbrook is known for his intense competitive spirit and his never-give-up attitude. He’s always playing hard and giving his all on the court, which has earned him the respect of his peers and fans alike.
  5. Leadership: Westbrook is also a strong leader who can motivate his teammates and inspire them to play their best. He’s a vocal presence on the court and off and he’s always looking to improve himself and those around him.Overall, Russell Westbrook’s combination of elite athleticism, versatility, consistency, competitive spirit, and leadership make him a great addition to the Clippers. They will be a contender.
NCAA men’s bracket preview: The No. 1 Seeds

NCAA men’s bracket preview: The No. 1 Seeds

In the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the four top-ranked teams are assigned number-one seeds in their respective regions. If you are betting on the games or filling out brackets, the No. 1 seeds are popular. These teams are generally considered to be the strongest in the tournament and are given favorable matchups in the early rounds. Since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985, number-one seeds have performed extremely well in the tournament, winning the championship 23 times in 38 tournaments (as of 2021).

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2023 Frontrunners to be the No. 1 Seed

Alabama is the overall 1-seed in the NCAA tournament men’s basketball selection committee’s bracket preview, with Houston, Purdue, and Kansas the 1-seeds after Alabama.

The performance of the number one seeds in the tournament is remarkable. In the first round of the tournament, the number one seeds have won every game they have played, with a record of 136-0 (as of 2021). In fact, they have only been seriously challenged a handful of times, with most of their wins coming by double digits.

Number one seeds also perform extremely well in the second round, advancing to the Sweet Sixteen round in almost every tournament. In the 38 tournaments since the field expanded to 64 teams, only four number-one seeds have failed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen round. This means that number one seeds have advanced to the second weekend of the tournament in over 90% of tournaments.

Sweet 16 results

Once they reach the Sweet Sixteen, number one seeds generally continue to perform well. They have advanced to the Elite Eight round in over 80% of tournaments, and have a strong chance of making the Final Four. In fact, at least one number-one seed has advanced to the Final Four in all but eight tournaments since 1985.

Number one seeds are also very successful in championship games. In the 38 tournaments since 1985, number-one seeds have appeared in the championship game 29 times, winning 23 of those games. This means that 60% of the time, the national champion has been a number one seed.

While number-one seeds are generally successful in the tournament, upsets do happen. In the history of the tournament, number-one seeds have been upset by lower-seeded teams 13 times. The most recent example of this was in the 2018 tournament, when the University of Maryland, Baltimore County became the first 16-seed to beat a number one seed, defeating the University of Virginia 74-54.

Despite these upsets, number one seeds remain the most successful teams in the tournament. They have a higher winning percentage than any other seed and have won more championships than any other seed. This is in part due to the fact that they are given favorable matchups in the early rounds, but it is also because they are generally the best teams in the tournament.

What’s the play? 

In conclusion, number-one seeds have historically performed very well in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. They have won the championship more often than any other seed and have a higher winning percentage than any other seed. While upsets can and do happen, number-one seeds are generally considered the favorites to win the tournament, and for good reason.

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LeBron James vs Michael Jordan: Who is the best?

Comparing LeBron James and Michael Jordan is a topic of much debate among basketball fans and experts. Both players are considered among the greatest of all time and have had tremendous success and impact on the game. The latest trade deadline shows that players may come and go, but these two names will stand the test of time.

Best of the Best 

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player in NBA history, with six championships, five MVP awards, and numerous other accolades and records. He was known for his exceptional scoring ability, competitiveness, and clutch performances in big games. He has the edge of succeeding in college basketball with a national championship to his credit. With his accolades, shoe brand, and iconic history, he is still being compared to James and is not considered by some to be the best player in th

LeBron James, on the other hand, is a four-time NBA champion and four-time MVP who is still playing at a high level. He is considered one of the most versatile and complete players in NBA history, with a unique combination of size, athleticism, skill, and basketball IQ. He has been a dominant force in the league for nearly two decades and continues to break records and set new standards. He is now the highest-scoring player to ever play the game. Yet LeBron faces scrutiny for jumping from team to team looking for an advantage to win a championship.

Who is the best? 

Ultimately, the question of whether LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan or vice versa is subjective and depends on individual perspectives and criteria for greatness. Both players have had incredible careers and have made significant contributions to the sport, and it is up to each person to decide for themselves who they believe is the better player.

Who do you think is the best?

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The Kyrie Irving trade winners and losers

The Kyrie Irving trade winners and losers

Days after Kyrie Irving demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets his wish was granted. The Nets shipped the disgruntled superstar to the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs send Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, and a boatload of picks to Brooklyn to get the deal done. If you wanted a distraction from the Super Bowl, you got it. As the dust settles on the trade it is time to break down the winners and the losers of this blockbuster deal.


Brooklyn Nets

The Nets unloaded an unhappy player who caused controversy and missed multiple games. Kevin Durant may not be happy right now, but ultimately this deal had to be done. This gives the Nets the flexibility to build around Durant or trade him and start with a bright future full of draft picks.

LA Lakers

The Lakers were reportedly the front runners for Irving. Although they would have liked to move Russell Westbrook, this trade would have been a bad move for the Lakers. Anthony Davis is old and mortgaging the future for an explosive player in Irving is a big mistake. This year the Lakers will be happy to make this season about LeBron and the scoring record and regroup next season.


Dallas Mavericks

Luka Doncic is one of the best players in the league. On paper, the upside of adding a player as talented as Irving is incredible. The Maverick’s odds did change when they acquired Irving, however, the Mavericks need more than one piece to win a championship. This is an overreaction by Mark Cuban after letting Jalen Brunson go to the Knicks. The Mavericks are a playoff team that often gets eliminated early. With the addition of Irving, they may go deeper into the playoffs, but ultimately they will be ushered out of the playoffs. Soon Irving will become a problem and destroy yet another team in the NBA.

People who bet on the Nets

The Nets were once considered a favorite to win the championship. Now with James Harden and Irving out, they are an afterthought in a talented Eastern conference. Now the Nets are playing out the season and Durant is considering where he will play again next season. The Nets will win a few games this year, but their season is over.

Kyrie Irving once again destroys another franchise.

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

Derek Carr next team predictions: Will it be the Jets?

The Las Vegas Raiders are parting ways with quarterback Derek Carr and he will play elsewhere next season. That much is clear, but it may be the only thing that is clear about Carr’s future. Carr looked outstanding in the Prop Bowl precision passing competition increasing his value on the NFL market. The Derek Carr next team odds show that he may be heading east, but there are more and more teams joining in on the hunt. While you wait for the Super Bowl, check out the frontrunners to acquire Carr.

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New York Jets +300

According to the odds, the Jets are the favorites to land Carr. However, recent rumors about New York going after Aaron Rodgers will make this very interesting. Carr will fit in well on the Jets since it seems like the only piece that they are missing is a quarterback, but other teams are going to be calling about Carr.

Tennessee Titans +800

The Titans are in the market for another quarterback. Ryan Tannehill has fallen out of favor and Malik Willis is not ready to start in the league yet. Carr will be a bridge to Willis and will allow the Titans to compete for a title now instead of wasting Derrick Henry’s years while waiting for a young quarterback to mature.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000

In case you missed it, the Buccaneers are in the market for a new quarterback. Tom Brady is retired, but the Bucs have a loaded roster that is built to win now. They won’t be able to do that if they don’t have a solid quarterback to put up points. Carr to Tampa makes the Bucs an instant contender.

Other notable teams going after Carr

The favorites to land Carr (after the Jets) in order are the Colts, Commanders, and Panthers. Other interesting scenarios include Carr going to Green Bay if they move on from Aaron Rodgers or heading to New England to take over the Patriot’s offense.

There is only one team that makes sense. Derek Carr should join the Washington Commanders and compete for a title next season.

NFL playoff Schedule 2023

NFL playoff Schedule 2023

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up the Wildcard round on Monday night football. Now it’s time to look ahead at the NFL playoff schedule for 2023 and check out the matchups for the divisional round. Here is the full schedule with the opening betting odds for each game.

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Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs

When: Saturday, 4:30 p.m. ET


Line: Chiefs -9, O/U 52 (BETNOW)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the comeback kids and are riding a high after an incredible win in the Wildcard round. They will have to stay laser-focused to beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs who are one of the best teams in the league. Although the Chiefs are familiar with deep runs in the playoffs, they are not always a good bet. Kansas City is 9-23-1 against the spread (ATS) against the AFC.

Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills

When: Sunday, 3 p.m. ET


Line: Bills -4, O/U 50 (BET NOW)

The biggest game in the divisional round belongs to the Bills and the Bengals. With two high-powered offenses and big-name quarterbacks, this game will be the one to watch this week. Although both teams struggled in the Wildcard round, they will be at their best for this titanic tilt. The Bengals have concerning injuries but Cincinnati is 12-3-1 ATS when playing against a team with a winning record.

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New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

When: Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET

TV: Fox

Line: Eagles -7.5, O/U 47.5 (BET NOW)

The New York Giants pulled off an upset on the road by running over the Minnesota Vikings. But now Daniel Jones will hit the NFL highway against a familiar foe. Quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles welcome their NFC East rivals with hopes of advancing to the NFC Championship game. The Giants have fared well in Philly covering five of the last six games and the Eagles stumbled down the stretch with a 0-4 ATS record.

Dallas Cowboys Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Francisco 49ers

When: Sunday, 6:30 p.m. ET

TV: Fox

Line: 49ers -3.5, O/U 46 (BET NOW)

Brock Purdy made a big splash in his playoff debut with a second-half surge to sink the Seattle Seahawks. With one of the best defenses in the league and an incredible running game, the 49ers are a Super Bowl contender. However, they get a step up in competition this week. The Cowboys beat Tom Brady for the first time in his career, perhaps ending his career, to advance to this round. Dak Prescott had five TD’s in the win and will have to have another impressive effort to beat San Francisco.

NFL Playoffs: Ravens vs Bengals Picks

NFL Playoffs: Ravens vs Bengals Picks

The Saturday schedule in the NFL is jam-packed with some of the best teams in the league. The Bills got things started followed by the Giants vs Vikings clash, but it all wraps up with the defending AFC Champions. The Cincinnati Bengals will try and duplicate the run to the Super Bowl from a year ago when they take on the Baltimore Ravens. Before making your Ravens vs Bengals picks, it’s essential to know all of the information.

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What to watch

Leaving Lamar

The big news in Baltimore is that the Ravens will be without quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Ravens will look for a pair of quarterbacks to fill in for Lamar but will need an inspired effort to beat the Bengals. Tyler Huntley and Anthony Brown are both expected to play today. Coach John Harbaugh will have to lean on the run game and rely on his defense to get the job done.

Betting on the Bengals

The Bengals are getting 68 percent of the public bets on Saturday which is just a smidge more than what Buffalo is getting. This is not a surprise as Joe Burrow and the Bengals have played outstanding football down the stretch. However, this is a rivalry game and anything can happen when these two teams take to the field in such a meaningful game.

Ravens vs Bengals Picks

The Ravens are a disciplined team which is why they are 7-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last 8 playoff road games.  The road team in this series is 6-2-1 ATS in the previous nine meetings, indicating that home-field advantage is not as much of a factor as one might think.

Underdogs are 14-10-1 against the spread in division matchups since 2003, and they’re 3-2 when getting at least a full touchdown. The Bengals are the better team, but with an elite kicker and an incredible defense, the Ravens will make this a close game.

Bet on the Ravens +8.5

2022 NFL Week 14 Picks against the spread

2022 NFL Week 14 Picks against the spread

This is the time of the NFL season when it is hard to make picks against the spread. Some teams have packed it in for the year and others are making a playoff push. More importantly, every unit is dealing with some sort of injury. Keep this in mind when making your 2022 NFL Week 14 picks.

Here are the five best bets for this week in the NFL.

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Lions -1.5 over the Vikings (Bet Here)

The Lions are still alive in the playoffs and they are red hot right now.  The Vikings have locked up the division and still playing for the top spot in the NFC. However, Kirk Cousins and the Vikings are inconsistent, especially on the road. The Vikings are just 1-5 against the spread (ATS) as an underdog and the Lions are 3-0 ATS in the last three games in the division.

Bills -10 over the Jets (Bet Here)

Buffalo has high hopes and the odds show that. The Bills have revenge after getting beat in the first meeting with the Jets. Josh Allen and Bill’s offense will remember that loss and be able to dissect a very good New York defense. The Jets are 1-4 ATS off a loss and the Bills start playing their best ball when winter hits. The Bills are 9-2-1 ATS in the month of December. The Bills win in a blowout.

Giants +6.5 over Philly (Bet Here)

The Giants need to win and Barkley will play despite a neck stinger. This team is buying into the coaching philosophy that everyone needs to give it all. Give me a home divisional desperate dog late in the season every time. For as good as the Eagles have played, they are just 1-4 ATS on the road this season.

Browns +6 over the Bengals (Bet Here)

Forget everything that you know about Cleveland. The biggest story on Monday morning will be that DeShaun Watson is back and the Browns are a threat this year and in the future. The Bengals are in letdown mode after a big win and the Browns are 3-0 ATS in the division WITHOUT Watson. Bet the Browns.

Ravens +3 over the Steelers (Bet Here)

The Steelers are hot and the Ravens will be without Lamar Jackson, it won’t matter. The Ravens are 15-2-1 ATS as an underdog and Harbaugh knows how to get this team ready to go against Pittsburgh. The Steelers are playing well, but just 2-8 ATS as a home favorite. Bet the birds in this game.

2022 NFL Week 9 Best Bets and Picks against the spread

2022 NFL Week 9 Best Bets and Picks against the spread

Week 9 features a busy bye week schedule with just 13 games on the schedule. In order to find the 2022 NFL Week 9 Best Bets. You will have to do your homework. But don’t worry we are here to help. We love to make NFL picks against the spread.

2022 NFL Week 9 Best Bets

There are five games that jump off the schedule this week from a betting perspective. Here are our best bets, but first, take advantage of the betting bonus for this week in the NFL.

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Bears +4 (BET NOW)

The Dolphins were very busy during the trade deadline and acquired some exceptional players. That and the emergence of one of the best offenses in football makes the Dolphin a popular bet this week. But beware Justin Fields and the Bears are playing good football. The Bears lead the league in rushing attempts and will be able to keep Tua off the field. That makes this a close game and the Bears the best bet to make.

Commanders +3 (BET NOW)

The Vikings are a good football team but inconsistent, especially on the road. Meanwhile, the Commanders are 3-0 under Taylor Heinicke who is also 8-2 against the spread (ATS) in his last ten starts for Washington. Betting on a home underdog off an underdog win is always the way to go.

Cardinals -2.5 (BET NOW)

Despite how poorly the Cardinals have played, they still have a chance to make the playoffs with a few key wins. The game against Seattle is just the victory that Arizona needs. Kliff Kingsbury needs to prove that he can make in-game adjustments and get crucial wins. This is a big game and a big win for the home team.

Falcons +3 (BET NOW)

The LA Chargers have been a disappointment this season and you can point to injuries. The Chargers will be without Keenan Allen and Mike Williams for this big tilt in Atlanta. The Falcons are the best bet of the NFL season with a 6-1 ATS record as an underdog including 3-0 ATS at home. The Chargers are a mess right now and will lose this game.

Tampa Bay -3  (BET NOW)

The Rams are in big trouble. They cannot protect Stafford, and can’t score and this puts their defense in tough spots all game long. Tampa Bay has not fared much better as they are struggling to run and put together a complete game. Tom Brady and the Bucs have better personnel and will win and cover this marquee matchup.