NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament: How does it work and how to bet it

NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament: How does it work and how to bet it

The NBA playoffs are about to begin, but before predicting the NBA Champion; you have to consider the NBA Play-In Tournament. The tournament is a new twist to the NBA playoffs and it brings a winner-take-all atmosphere that makes this stage of the playoffs very exciting. Several high-profile teams like the Lakers are out, but before you can bet on the NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament it is important to know what the play-in tournament is and how to bet on it.

NBA Play-In Tournament How Does it Work?

The play-in tournament gathers a handful of teams on the cusp of making the cut and gives them an opportunity to make the playoffs. The teams with the seventh-best and the eight-best record will play one game and the winner will automatically become the seventh seed in the playoffs for each conference. But the ninth and the tenth seed have more significant problems.

Win or Go Home

The two teams in each conference that own the ninth-best and the tenth-best records will play a winner-take-all game. If they win that game they will still have to win another game if they hope to advance to the NBA playoffs. The odds are stacked against these two teams, but anything can happen in the playoffs.

How to Bet the NBA Play-In Tournament

Betting on the play-in tournament is difficult. It is a stand-alone game and the oddsmakers make sure that the number is sharp. The key is to find a top-ranked sports betting site like this one that will post the lines early. The earlier you bet on a game the more advantage that you will have to make the most out of your money.

Get ready the NBA playoffs are here and now it’s time to bet on your team to win it all!

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