Do you believe in the Super Bowl Hangover?

Do you believe in the Super Bowl Hangover? What it means For the Kansas City Chiefs

For as long as I can remember the Super Bowl hangover has been a real thing. History will tell us that teams that play in the Super Bowl will have different results early in the season. Although the Super Bowl odds will always favor the two teams that played in the big game the year prior, there is much more to the story.

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What Does it Mean for the Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs and the injury-riddled offensive line fell apart in the Super Bowl last year. But coach Andy Reid and QB Patrick Mahomes have led the Chiefs to the big game for two straight seasons. The Chiefs no it is difficult, but it has not stopped this team from talking about an undefeated season.

For some reason, the losers of the Super Bowl have problems coming back to the big game. The LA Rams (2018) and the San Francisco 49ers (2019) missed the postseason altogether. This is hard to believe considering how much that the Chiefs have improved especially on the offensive line. However, only eight teams in NFL history have made it back to the Super Bowl after a loss. (this includes the Bills from ’91-’93).

So just to be clear: Only eight times in 55 years has a team that lost the Super Bowl returned to play it again the next year.

Watch Week 1

The Super Bowl hangover is very evident in week 1 of the regular season. This year the Chiefs will play the Cleveland Browns in the home opener. A quick look at the betting odds shows that the Chiefs are six-point favorites in the opener. However, teams that lost the Super bowl are just 4-16 against the spread in the last 20 occurrences.

Catching the Chiefs

The Chiefs may be the one team that can beat the jinx. They are stocked on both sides of the ball and have improved dramatically in the offseason. However, the pressure for this team will be extreme. They have very high expectations and this can be difficult to meet in the NFL.

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