The Team to Bet Now and the Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The Team to Bet Now and the Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The Los Angeles Rams and quarterback Matthew Stafford are the Super Bowl Champions. The Cincinnati Bengals had an incredible season, but it’s time to look ahead. We can all argue that the two best teams in the league were not in the Super Bowl, but what about next year? Soon after the big game ended the odds to win Super Bowl LVII came out. Before the draft and free agency, there is some value if you want to bet on the Super Bowl.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LVII

The best sportsbooks were hard at work getting ready for next season seconds after the Rams were crowned champions. Here are the early odds for Super Bowl LVII and the Kansas City Chiefs are the early favorites to win it all. (see the updated odds here) lick on your favorite team to bet now!

Kansas City Chiefs +650

Buffalo Bills +700

Los Angeles Rams +1000

Cincinnati Bengals +1200

San Francisco 49ers +1400

Green Bay Packers +1500

Dallas Cowboys +1600

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1800

Tennessee Titans +2000

Baltimore Ravens +2000

Denver Broncos +2200

New England Patriots +2500

Arizona Cardinals +2500

Los Angeles Chargers +2500

Indianapolis Colts +2500

Minnesota Vikings +3000

New Orleans Saints +3500

Seattle Seahawks +4000

Cleveland Browns +4000

Philadelphia Eagles +4000

Miami Dolphins +4000

Las Vegas Raiders +5000

Atlanta Falcons +6000

Washington Commanders +6000

Pittsburgh Steelers +6000

Chicago Bears +8000

Carolina Panthers +8000

New York Giants +10000

Jacksonville Jaguars +12500

Detroit Lions +15000

Houston Texans +20000

New York Jets +20000

The one team to bet now

Sure, it’s early. It may be foolish to bet on a team before free agency and the NFL draft, but there is one team that stands out above the rest. Betting on a team now gives you an opportunity to play on them (or against them) during the year to guarantee a profit.

The Super Bowl champs will once again come from the NFC West, but the team to watch is the San Franciso 49ers. Sure the 49ers have some issues at quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is not the answer and the 49ers made that very clear. However, the market for a quarterback that led his team to the playoffs is high and there are several teams interested.

This type of trade will yield the 49ers a 1-st round draft pick, if not more. The team can use this pick to support the secondary and other areas that need improvement. The ownership, General Manager, and coach are all on the same page. They have incredible players to build on and they are strong in the running games and in the trenches.

Although the 49ers love Trey Lance, they will most likely sign a veteran (and a good one) to cover Lance until he is ready. Mike Shanahan will put the offense in a position to succeed and they are set to play a daunting schedule in 2002.

The 49ers have had success in the NFL draft, they have a strong core and they have playoff experience. There is every reason to believe that this team has a shot to win the Super bowl in 2023.

San Francisco 49ers +1400

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