Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

Why Baker Mayfield to the Panthers is a problem

The Cleveland Browns made it very clear that they are parting ways with quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Browns pursued and signed DeShaun Watson sending Baker a clear message. Baker responded by saying he felt disrespected and it is clear that his time in Cleveland is over. Over the weekend, reports began to surface that the Browns are shipping Baker Mayfield to the Panthers, but that will be a big problem in Carolina. Now with rumors about other teams, like the Steelers, it is time to look at why Pittsburgh will pass and Carolina should too.

How about the Steelers?

The Steelers are a very good option for Baker, but it is clear that Pittsburgh will only take Baker on the waiver wire and does not want to pay for him. This is the time of year when rumors circulate to increase the value of a player. Although it is interesting to see a rival QB facing his former team, it will not happen. The Browns won’t pay a rival to take a QB that may haunt them for years to come. The Steelers don’t want anything to do with Baker.

They are not alone, the Panthers have plenty of reasons why they should pass on Baker.

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The Robby Anderson problem

When reports suggested that Baker may land in Carolina, there was one player that had a very big problem with it. Wide receiver Robby Anderson had no issues sharing with the world his thoughts on the potential acquisition. Anderson has strong ties with quarterback Sam Darnold, so it is not a shock that he is not a fan of this move. But it will provide turmoil on the team and make things tough for Baker.

They already have a QB

Whether you like him or hate him, Sam Darnold is the quarterback for the Panthers. It is clear that he has issues and that may be one of the reasons that they are looking at Baker. However, a quarterback competition between two players with fragile egos will not end well. The Panthers will need help from the Browns to cover the salary and then be stuck with Darnold and his contract.

And then there is this…

The Panther’s offensive line is one of the worst in the game today. Up to this point, the Matt Rhule hiring has been a failure. The odds for this team to do anything show that they have no chance. In fact, the odds are worse with Baker.  This is a clear reach for a team and a coach that is panicking. This is a team that is 15-34 over the last three years and they need to rebuild. That starts in the draft and not by making a trade for another questionable player. The Panthers need to draft a quarterback because trading for Baker Mayfield is a big mistake.

2022 NBA Playoffs: Nets vs Celtics game 1 predictions and picks

2022 NBA Playoffs: Nets vs Celtics game 1 predictions and picks

The NBA playoffs are underway and the first day of action provided big games, upsets, and blowouts. On the second day of the playoffs, the biggest game on the schedule is the Brooklyn Nets vs the Boston Celtics. With plenty of star power and storylines, this series will live up to the hype. The Nets vs Celtics game 1 predictions and picks are ready!

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No Williams For Game 1

The Celtics Robert Williams is ruled out for the first game of this series. This is not a surprise since Williams is recovering from an injury. Before the injury, Williams averaged a career-high 10 points and nine rebounds per game. Daniel Theis will likely get the start at the center position with a bevy of role players chipping in. The Celtics hope to get Williams back before the series is over.

Kyrie is Back

Kyrie Irving is back in the starting lineup and is considered a villain in the city of Boston. With Irving and Kevin Durant in the lineup, the Nets are 10-5 in the last 15 games including defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the play-in round. The Nets lost 3 of four meetings in the regular season, but that isn’t very meaningful considering that Irving and Durant only played in one of the meetings.

The Celtics Are Ready

Jayson Tatum and the Celtics are ready to go to the next level. Tatum is outscoring Durant in the recent meetings and the defensive pressure by the Celtics is one of the best in the league. This defense and the confidence of this team will make this an incredible series.

Nets vs Celtics game 1 predictions and picks

The Nets are a bad bet of late with a 2-6 against the spread (ATS) record in the last eight games. The Celtics are 20-8-1 ATS when they play against a team with a winning record and they have covered 24 of the last 35 games as a playoff favorite. Bet the Celtics in game one.

Boston Celtics -4 [BET NOW]

NBA Playoffs Picks For Every Saturday Game

NBA Playoffs Picks For Every Saturday Game

The NBA Play-in tournament is over and it is time for the playoffs to start. With four great series starting on Saturday it is time to dive in and look at every game. We break down all of the Saturday games and provide a prediction and NBA Playoffs Picks for game one and the series.

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Jazz vs Mavericks

The biggest storyline of this game is Luka Doncic and his calf injury. The point spread jumped two points when rumors circulated that he is going to miss game one. When a star player is out, the rest of the team will rally and that is what you will see in game one. The Jazz is just 7-18-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last 26 road games. The Mavericks will keep this game close and are the best bet in game one. However, without a healthy Luka, they will not be able to beat the Jazz in the series.

Game one: Mavericks +5

Series Pick: Jazz in six games

Timberwolves vs Grizzlies

Minnesota used the play-in tournament to make the playoffs and they will face off against one of the hottest teams in the league. However, the matchup may be trouble for the Grizzlies. In the regular-season meetings, the Wolves dominated the Grizzlies in multiple statistical categories.  Everyone mocked the celebration by Pat Bev and the Wolves are getting a playoff berth, but it shows just how tight this team is. The Wolves are 4-0 ATS with 3 days or more rest and they will carry momentum into a first-round win over the Grizzlies. Ultimately, the Wolves will falter and the Grizz will advance, but not without a fight.

Game one: Timberwolves +6.5

Series Pick: Grizzlies in seven

Raptors vs Sixers

Everyone is picking the Raptors to upset the Sixers in the first round. Although there are some concerns with travel and vaccinations, the Sixers are going to win this series. Nick Nurse is an incredible coach and the Raptors are a very good team, but they don’t have the talent to beat Philadelphia. The Raptors are 2-6 ATS playing on three or more days rest and the Sixers are 4-0 ATS in the same spot. James Harden finally shows up in the post-season and the Sixers make a statement with a double-digit win. The popular underdog never wins.

Game one: Sixers -4.5

Series Pick: Sixers in six games

Nuggets vs Warriors

This will be a fun series to watch. The Nuggets and the Warriors are two of the best teams in the league and have plenty of star power. Stephen Curry will play in this game, but he will be closely monitored due to injury. The best player on the court however is on Denver with All-Star Nikola Jokic who once again deserves the MVP award. The Warriors are dealing with injuries and the star players have not shared the court much this year. The Nuggets are 10-3 ATS in the last 13 road games and the Warriors are just 6-13-1 ATS as a favorite. The Nuggets win game one and they will win this series.

Game one: Nuggets +6.5

Series Pick: Nuggets in six games

MB NBA 320x50 Jpg

NBA Playoffs Picks [BET NOW]

Dallas +5

Minnesota +6.5

Sixers -4.5

Nuggets +6.5

2022 NBA Play-In Predictions: Hornets vs Hawks

2022 NBA Play-In Predictions: Hornets vs Hawks

The NBA play-in tournament started and Tuesday night provided the first two games, but on Wednesday it gets really interesting. The Charlotte Hornets and the Atlanta Hawks get things started in the early game of the tournament.  If you are looking for solid entertainment and like points, this is the game for you. The 2022 NBA Play-In Predictions start with the Hornets vs the Hawks.

Defense anyone?

The Hornets and the Hawks are two very talented teams on offense, but not so much on defense. Players like Kyrie Irving have humiliated this Hawks defense this season and it is a problem for Atlanta. The Hawks are 26th in defensive rating and cannot stop anyone.

For as good as Trae Young is for Atlanta he can be a liability against a team with good point guards. That is what Charlotte brings to this game. LaMelo Ball leads the Hornet’s guard play and he makes the Hornets a good squad that amassed the best win total for a 10th place team in over 21 years.

2022 NBA Play-In Predictions: Hornets +5.5 [BET HERE]

The Hornets are the better team. They know how to win (and cover) on the road. Charlotte is an amazing 15-5-1 against the spread (ATS) in the last 21 road games and they are 10-4-1 ATS when they are an underdog on the road. They also are 3-1-1 ATS in Atlanta and they can take the crowd out of the game early with an explosive offense.

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2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Picks: Timberwolves vs Clippers

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Picks: Timberwolves vs Clippers

The NBA play-in tournament is a winner-take-all type of situation and that will be on display on Tuesday, April 12th when the Minnesota Timberwolves will play against the Loa Angeles Clippers. With a slew of storylines and plenty on the line for both teams, this is going to be a great opening game. The 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament picks focus on Minnesota vs LA.

What’s At Stake?

Tuesday night’s game will start at 6:30 p.m. PT and will be on TNT. The winner will be the seventh seed and will play against the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round of the playoffs. The loser will play for the eighth seed on Friday against the winner of the San Antonio Spurs or New Orleans Pelicans matchup. That makes this game very important.

Pat Bev vs the Clippers

Although Paul George and other Clippers players will deny it, Patrick Beverly will be a storyline for this matchup. Beverly was dealt to the Wolves and provides leadership and defensive intensity that cannot be overlooked. Although George’s comments are right, there is no doubt that the Wolves will use this as motivation. To make things even more intriguing, the boys in Las Vegas believe that Minnesota is the better team.

Wolves vs Clippers Odds

When the point spread for this play-in game opened up, it was Minnesota that was the favorite. According to the top-ranked sports betting sites, the Wolves are -1.5 to beat LA in the play-in tournament. This is because of the incredible play of Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. This duo brings confidence and production which is vital for a young team.

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Picks

On the surface, this looks like a Clippers win. The matchups and the season series suggest that LA will win. But the Timberwolves have grown tremendously during the year. This game is in the Target center where the wolves have covered 22 of 40 games and they are 25-18-1 against the spread as a favorite. The Wolves have the fifth-best record since the Al-Star break and are overlooked.  This is not the Wolves team that you are used to and it will show when they beat the Clippers and advance.

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2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Bracket and Schedule

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Bracket and Schedule

The NBA regular season is over and it is time to look at the poet season. It all starts with the NBA Play-in Tournament and the last remaining teams that are fighting for a chance at a championship.  This is a quick description of how the tournament works and here is a quick-look at the 2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Bracket with the schedule.

2022 NBA Play-In Schedule

The games tip-off on Tuesday with a handful of teams going head-to-head in an elimination format that is worth watching.

Tuesday, April 12

Game 1: East 8th Place vs. East 7th Place (7 ET, TNT)

Game 2: LA Clippers vs. Minnesota (9:30 ET, TNT)

Winners earn 7th seeds and advance to NBA playoffs


Wednesday, April 13

Game 3: East 10th Place vs. East 9th Place (7 ET, ESPN)

Game 4: Pelicans/Spurs vs. Pelicans/Spurs (9:30 ET, ESPN)


Friday, April 15

Game 5: Winner of Game 3 vs. Loser of Game 1 (TBD, ESPN)

Game 6: Winner of Game 4 vs. Loser of Game 2 (TBD, TNT)

Winners earn 8th seeds and advance to NBA playoffs

2022 NBA Play-In Tournament Bracket

If you prefer the bracket format to track and watch the NBA playoffs, here is the quick breakdown with a bracket.


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NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament: How does it work and how to bet it

NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament: How does it work and how to bet it

The NBA playoffs are about to begin, but before predicting the NBA Champion; you have to consider the NBA Play-In Tournament. The tournament is a new twist to the NBA playoffs and it brings a winner-take-all atmosphere that makes this stage of the playoffs very exciting. Several high-profile teams like the Lakers are out, but before you can bet on the NBA Playoffs and Play-In Tournament it is important to know what the play-in tournament is and how to bet on it.

NBA Play-In Tournament How Does it Work?

The play-in tournament gathers a handful of teams on the cusp of making the cut and gives them an opportunity to make the playoffs. The teams with the seventh-best and the eight-best record will play one game and the winner will automatically become the seventh seed in the playoffs for each conference. But the ninth and the tenth seed have more significant problems.

Win or Go Home

The two teams in each conference that own the ninth-best and the tenth-best records will play a winner-take-all game. If they win that game they will still have to win another game if they hope to advance to the NBA playoffs. The odds are stacked against these two teams, but anything can happen in the playoffs.

How to Bet the NBA Play-In Tournament

Betting on the play-in tournament is difficult. It is a stand-alone game and the oddsmakers make sure that the number is sharp. The key is to find a top-ranked sports betting site like this one that will post the lines early. The earlier you bet on a game the more advantage that you will have to make the most out of your money.

Get ready the NBA playoffs are here and now it’s time to bet on your team to win it all!

2022 NCAA Championship Game: North Carolina vs Kansas Predictions

2022 NCAA Championship Game: North Carolina vs Kansas Predictions

After a whirlwind bracket-busting season, it all comes down to one game to decide the best team in college basketball. The North Carolina Tar Heels topped the Duke Blue Devils to advance to the National Championship game. They will face off against the Kansas Jayhawks who crushed the battered Villanova Wildcats to get into a position to win the big game. With a quick turnaround, there is not much time to make your North Carolina vs Kansas Predictions.

2022 NCAA Championship Game Info

Here is all of the information that you need to know to enjoy and watch the biggest college basketball game of the year.

Date: Monday, April 4

Game Time: 9:20 pm

Venue: Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, LA

Where To Bet: MyBookie

How To Watch: TBS

Records: Kansas (1 seed, 33-6)

North Carolina (8 seed, 29-9)

But if you want to bet on it, you have to know the odds. Although North Carolina beat Duke, Kansas is the favorite.

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North Carolina vs Kansas Odds

Money line: North Carolina +160 (bet $100 to win $160) | Kansas -200 (bet $200 to win $100)

Against the spread (ATS): North Carolina +4.5, -120 (bet $120 to win $100) | Kansas -4.5, -105 (bet $10 5to win $100)

Over/Under (O/U): 152.5, O: -115 (bet $115 to win $100) | U: -107 (bet $107 to win $100)

North Carolina vs Kansas Preview and Pick against the spread

North Carolina has a tough task to get up emotionally after such a big win over Duke. The Heels also have to be concerned with the injury to Armando Bacot who is considered by many to be the best player in the ACC.

The big difference in this game may be rebounding and if that is the case, the edge is with the Tar Heels. They dominated the glass against Duke and they average 41 per game.  However, Kansas has shown some tenacity on both sides of the floor. They do have the ability to dominate on defense. Kansas is also loaded with experience and upperclassmen that can withstand and recover from runs that don’t go in their favor. The Jayhawks have covered 7 of the last 9 overall and they are 5-1 ATS in the last six games after a win against the spread. The Jayhawks outlast an emotionally drained North Carolina team and win the National Championship.

Kansas -4


DeVante Parker to the Patriots, is OBJ next?

DeVante Parker to the Patriots, is OBJ next?

The NFL off-season is wacky up to this point with multiple big-name trades that have changed the landscape of the league. Up until now Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots have stayed out of the spotlight. Last year the Patriots were part of a free agent frenzy, so it comes as no surprise that they were not players this year. However, that all changed when they made a trade to acquire wide receiver DeVante Parker from the Miami Dolphins. Does this change anything for either team? We are about to find out.

Details of the DeVante Trade

The Patriots get Parker and a 2022 fifth-round pick and the Dolphins get a 2023 third-round pick. It’s a good deal for both teams. The Dolphins get a high draft pick for a player they no longer want and the Patriots get a veteran wideout to fill a void. The Patriots played well last year, but they need to keep up with the ever improving AFC.

What does Vegas Say?

The Patriots are predicted to get 8.5 wins this season. That is tied with the Dolphins and below the Bills who are favorites to win the AFC.  The odds to win the AFC East did not change much either as Buffalo is the clear-cut favorite. Parker has only gone over 1,000 yards once in his career. He is a great addition, but not necessarily a game-changer. But, this signing may attract another top-tier pass-catcher by the name of Odell Beckham Jr.

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There is Still Time to sign Odell

The Patriots reportedly had talks with Odell before the trade with Parker. Now many assume that the deal is dead since the Pats landed Parker. But don’t count out the Patriots just yet. Beckham and Belichick admire one another and they would love to play with one another. The Patriots love to make unexpected moves and don’t count this team out of the OBJ race just yet. The Patriots need to keep pace with the Dolphins and catch up with the Bills. That may happen sooner than you think.

2022 Final Four Pick Against the Spread: North Carolina vs Duke

2022 Final Four Pick Against the Spread: North Carolina vs Duke

The Final Four is always a special time of the year for sports fans. It may be because you are a fan of the sport or you are bracket watching, but it’s a magical moment. This year is more special than ever. College basketball rivals, the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils meet in the Final Four for the first time ever. With the possibility that this is the last game ever for Duke’s Coach Krzyzewski, this game is a must-see. So you might as well make a 2022 Final Four Pick against the spread.

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The Rematch

North Carolina recently beat the Blue Devils on their home court in the ACC Tournament. This is a very impressive win for the Tar Heels, but the stats show that North Carolina had a significant edge at the free-throw line. In a game of this magnitude, you can expect those numbers to even out. Despite losing the last meeting Duke is a -4 favorite in this historic game.

2022 Final Four Pick Against the Spread: Who Wins?

We all win with a great game like this in the Final Four, but when it comes to picking a winner, one team stands out. Duke is on a mission and they not only have revenge, but they have the confidence to get this win. Hubert Davis is a great coach, but he is no match for Coach K.

The Tar Heels are 2-6 ATS in the NCAA Tournament as an underdog and 8-18-1 ATS as a neutral site underdog. Duke is up for the challenge and the magical last season continues for Coach K and the Blue Devils.

Duke -4